10 best Netflix hacks every man should know in 2021

Host a Netflix night at virtual movie nights with friends

You must miss the accommodation movie nights with your family and friends or most of the time you don’t. Hosting a binge-watching party isn’t easy. You need to fill your fridge with drinks and beer, make the popcorn, and clean up after the mess is over.

There is a better solution for you. Host a virtual movie night with them without the hassle. Just install the Chrome Party Netflix Extension which allows people to watch Netflix movies / TV shows together. This tool also has a chat function where you can communicate in real time while watching a movie.

All party members must have their own individual Netflix account in order to use the Netflix Party. You can host the Netflix Party for up to 50 people, which is a huge audience.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Netflix Party, how it works and how to install it on Google Chrome, okay?

Netflix Party features

Netflix Party is a tool that connects people by watching Netflix movies / shows online with other people. Users can use the Chrome extension to sync Netflix playback with friends or watch with family members from their respective bedrooms.

You can also chat in real time on the turn of events in the movie, etc.

How does Netflix Party work?

Netflix Party only works as an extension exclusively for Google Chrome, so it is not available on desktop browsers other than Chrome. It also does not support Android, iOS, game consoles or streaming boxes. This means that you need to use Chrome’s Netflix Party extension on a desktop operating system. The best thing is that it’s free to download.

You and your friends can watch through the official Netflix site in your country without the need for VPN connections, mirrors, proxies, or complicated portals. This is why each group member must have their own Netflix account to access the movie or TV show that is playing.

Another cool feature of Netflix Party is that it supports HD videos and fast buffering. Although chat is enabled, it does not support video or voice chat.

How to install Netflix Party

To install Netflix Party, go to the extensions list in the Chrome Web Store. Add to Chrome in the top right corner and tap Add extension when prompted to complete the installation.

Now you can make a plan to host a virtual movie night someday. It’s as easy as 123. Just follow the steps below.

  • Go to Netflix and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the movie or TV show you want to watch.
  • Wait for the Netflix Party Chrome extension icon to turn red (labeled NP).
  • Click the NP button.
  • Choose whether you want to retain control of video playback.
  • Click Start Party.

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