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These days, most people share funny memes and GIFs with their friends and family, but how often does someone say “JIF” or “me-me” out loud when talking about it? If that’s you, you’re saying it wrong.

Technical terms, brands and products often have strange names or words. For example, when you clear your computer’s cache, do you pronounce it as “cash-ay” or “cash”? Only one of them is correct. With that in mind, here are ten popular technical terms or brand names you say wrong and how to say them correctly.


The word cache is often used when referring to computers and technology. Cache is a special storage space for temporary files that helps a device, browser, or app run faster and more efficiently.

You have cache memory and web cache, and this is often one of the first suggestions for fixing a problem with your phone or computer. Someone might tell you to “clear your cache and cookies.” Don’t eat the cookies. Erase them.

  • Common pronunciation error: “kay-shay” or “cash-ay”
  • Correct pronunciation: “cash”


Jif and Gif Special Edition Peanut Butter Bottle

Alright, alright, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s get the controversial “GIF” out of the way. But first, here’s a little story. A GIF is a file format for moving images, and still, to this day, the internet can’t decide the correct way to pronounce it.

Some will say Steve Wilhite, the creator of the GIF format, once said, “Discriminating developers choose JIF”, suggesting that it’s the correct pronunciation. But GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”, and the word “graphics” is pronounced with a hard g, and that’s why the debate will never die.

Say it with me – grass, garden, bet, gimbal, GIF.

  • Common pronunciation error: jif
  • Correct pronunciation: GIF “g-si”


Any hard-core tech will probably know all about the Linux operating system, and a popular version of the Linux operating system is Ubuntu. In fact, it works on computers, tablets and smartphones. And while this one isn’t as popular as GIF or Cache, many people still mispronounce it.

  • Common pronunciation error: “you-bun-too” or “oo-bun-too”
  • Correct pronunciation: “oo-boon-too”

Qi Charge

Vera Petrunina/Shutterstock.com

You probably have a Qi wireless charger in your car, at your desk, or on the nightstand by the bed. Wireless charging is a wonderful technology that allows many gadgets and smartphones to charge wirelessly without worrying about cables and without plugging in anything.

The correct name for modern wireless charging is Qi wireless charging, and Qi is a global standard for technology.

  • Common pronunciation error: Literally say the letters “Q i” while charging
  • Correct pronunciation: “chi”


Now that you know how to say “Ubuntu“, we should probably say “sudo” next. Sudo is a program for Linux/Unix operating systems that allows users to run programs with another user’s security privileges or with elevated permissions. Similar to being an administrator on Windows.

“Sudo” is short for “do superuser”. I will admit it. I am one of the many people who mispronounced this, although the Sudo official site says I’m right.

  • Common pronunciation error: “sue-doe” or “nickname”
  • Correct pronunciation: “sue-doo” or “soo-doo”


The IKEA logo on the smart home hub will LEAD.

While IKEA isn’t necessarily a technical term, the company does a lot with technology these days, and it even sells a desk with built-in Qi wireless charging. Also, IKEA is a common name that I constantly hear mispronounced.

Adding confusion to the already tricky name, the official IKEA Instagram has already posted an incorrect pronunciation, and we never got past that.

“IKEA” is an acronym for the name of the founder, the name of his family farm and the location of this farm in a village in Sweden. Ingvar Kamprad named his farm Elmtaryd, and it is located in the village of AGunnaryd, Sweden. According to a interview with Quartz“When Ingvar founded IKEA in 1943, he pronounced it with a typical Swedish accent, and that’s the right way.

  • Common pronunciation error: “aye-kee-yah” or “eye-key-ah”
  • Correct pronunciation: “Eee-KEH-Yah”


Xiaomi is a Chinese company that manufactures smartphones, smart home devices, offers internet services, and more. Xiaomi is the world’s 4th largest smartphone maker behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

It’s a great brand. Hugo Barra, the vice president of Android product management at Google, left the search giant in 2013 and joined Xiaomi, though he quit in 2017. And while the company doesn’t offer much devices in the United States, it’s popular enough that many people know the brand but mispronounce it.

  • Common pronunciation error: “zi-o-mi” or “zi-ao-mi”
  • Correct pronunciation: “sha-o-mee” or “shau-mee”


GIF meme
Flip Image

Memes are jokes. It’s those images with white or black text at the top and bottom, often saying something funny, pasted on social media and in your daily chat threads. Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves memes.

Oddly enough, I’ve heard a lot of people mispronounce meme, which amazes me. Next time you send someone a funny meme, maybe tell them how to say it properly.

  • Common pronunciation error: “me” or “me-me”
  • Correct pronunciation: “meem”


ASUS is another great brand in the computing world, but no one seems to know exactly how to say its name. ASUS is actually the 4th largest PC vendor, makes great motherboards, and has a rather hard-to-pronounce name.

  • Common pronunciation error: “ah-seu-ss” “as-us”
  • Correct pronunciation: “yes-soos”



Huawei is one of the world’s last remaining telecommunications equipment manufacturers. And even after a banned in the US, it’s still the 3rd largest smartphone maker by volume. Huawei does a bit of everything, but people everywhere still mispronounce its name.

Before the Chinese company knew all of its problems in the United States (which is a story for another day), the company took the New York streets to try to help everyone say their name correctly. All you need to know is that it doesn’t start with “H”, not even a bit.

  • Common pronunciation error: “hua way”
  • Correct pronunciation: “wah-way”

Don’t feel bad if you said a bunch of those fakes. It happens to the best of us. Even Sudo offers several pronunciations on its official site, which only adds to the confusion, and these are not the only ones.

The internet collective will probably never agree on how to say GIF, and that’s fine. In the meantime, say those tech terms and score the right way, and tell your friends about them too.

The more you know, right?

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