5 Reasons to Try Zorin OS (and Which Edition to Choose)

Each Linux distribution provides a particular set of features suitable for a specific target audience. With so many options to choose from, you might find it hard to choose the right one.

Users of other operating systems, such as Windows and macOS, often find it difficult to switch to Linux for various reasons, and that’s where Zorin OS, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, comes on the scene.

This distribution is an excellent choice if you are new to Linux. Its interface and features are similar to other popular operating systems and help you switch to Linux quickly. Here are some reasons why you should install Zorin OS as your next (or first) Linux distribution.

Reasons why you should use Zorin OS

Many Linux distros are available with great features and interactive design, and amidst this competition, it becomes difficult for one distro to stand out as one of the best.

If you look at the distribution ranking on DistroWatch.com, Zorin OS is among the top 10 Linux distros so far. As it is an ideal distro for new Linux users, it has gained massive popularity all over the world. But this is not the only reason for its adaptation.

1. Ease of use

Zorin OS is designed with new Linux users transitioning from other operating systems in mind. It is simple and easy to use no matter what operating system you come from, requiring no prior knowledge to use the system.

You can easily customize the operating system to enjoy a Windows or macOS-like desktop look, so you can adapt easily. Simply switch to your preferred desktop type using Themes from the Appearance menu.


Moreover, Zorin OS claims to support some Windows applications via WINE or PlayOnLinux, which reduces the effort of finding Linux alternatives. It makes your experience much easier and more productive.

2. Eye Candy

Another visible feature of Zorin OS is its attractive user interface and the ability to customize the look of your desktop. You can add animations, adjust animation speeds, enable or disable desktop icons, and change fonts, themes, and the panel.

With standard themes, you can give your device a Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu-like look and change your desktop layout. It also allows you to apply various system-provided wallpapers to visually enhance your desktop.

Themes bring visible changes to the entire system, not just the desktop. It even gives you the option to customize the appearance of the error dialog box. That’s how powerful its theme and customizations are.

3. Power of GNOME and XFCE

GNOME is probably the most well-known Linux desktop environment that is open-source and has a set of applications and tools that allow you to customize your desktop. A customized version of GNOME is the default desktop environment for Zorin OS Pro and Core, making it a powerful operating system with the powers of GNOME at its disposal.

Like GNOME, XFCE, a renowned and reliable Linux desktop, is the default desktop environment for Zorin OS Lite with a primary goal of providing a fast and lightweight operating system experience. Not only does the system remain lightweight, but it also provides an interactive appearance to the desktop.

4. Power of Ubuntu

It’s safe to say that Ubuntu is the most famous Linux distribution of all time. It is fast, visually interactive and feature rich. Being Ubuntu-based, Zorin OS leverages its capabilities quite well.

It inherited all the powerful features of Ubuntu. Moreover, this base helps Zorin OS to become more compatible with various hardware and software configurations.

With Zorin OS, you can access some basic Ubuntu features and applications, such as the APT package manager. Zorin OS is a distro worth trying if you are looking for a light and fast operating system based on Ubuntu.

5. Suitable for older PCs

As mentioned above, Zorin OS has a lite version specially developed for low-end devices. Using XFCE lightweight desktop, it supports almost all old devices working today. Instead of throwing away your old obsolete PC, you can easily revive it with Zorin OS Lite.

Even Zorin OS Core seems lighter than other distros. If you don’t know which version to choose, try Zorin OS Core first.

Flavors of Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a versatile Linux distribution with three main editions: Pro, Core, and Lite. The goal is to provide a productive, clean and easy-to-use operating system for all users, from novice to expert.

So, let’s explore the main features of each version of Zorin OS.

1.Zorin OS Pro

Zorin OS Pro is the most feature-rich edition of this distribution, offering all the premium features of the operating system. It provides a wide range of premium desktop themes, such as Ubuntu, Windows 11, macOS, Windows Classic, and GNOME Shell-like themes for your desktop.

Besides, this version also provides standard software package for video editing, image editing, audio editing, animation creation and much more.

The accessibility app, Barrier, lets you share the mouse and keyboard across multiple devices while allowing clipboard access for copying from one screen and pasting on the other. Zorin OS Pro is a paid version and its current price is 39 USD.

2. Zorin OS Core

Zorin OS Core is a standard version of the distribution, offering a Windows-like desktop interface. This version comes with a bunch of useful software like LibreOffice for viewing and editing documents, GIMP image editor, and several other GNOME tools.

You can find different standard themes for your device in the appearance menu and can also link your mobile device to the desktop to work seamlessly with Zorin Connect.

Based on GNOME, the Zorin OS Core desktop is stable, robust, and suitable for virtual desktops and multitasking. The Core version is free for everyone.

3.Zorin OS Lite

As the name suggests, Zorin OS Lite is a stripped down version to support low-end devices. This flavor is compatible with most older devices running today due to its kernel optimizations that support older hardware.

The Lite version has a standard collection of all required apps, including third-party apps like LibreOffice. It is built on top of XFCE, which provides a lightweight and easy-to-use experience. The Lite version has all the standard desktop layouts available in the Core version and is also free for everyone.

Try Zorin OS

No matter what operating system you were using, you can easily upgrade to Zorin OS for a whole new experience. With so many Linux distributions, Zorin OS has become one of the best out there.

You can even try out the operating system before installing it. If your older devices have performance issues, Zorin OS is a good option.

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