Acquiring vocational skills is the gateway to financial liberation – Accra Ubuntu Lions club Pres….

On Saturday, the Ubuntu Lions Club of Accra enabled over 100 youths to undergo various vocational trainings in Odumase-Krobo, Lower Manya Krobo Municipality, Eastern Region.

This vocational training is part of efforts to address unemployment among some young Ghanaians and conscious efforts to eradicate the recurring problems of social vices in our communities.

The participants of the training acquired dozens of professional skills ranging from the production of cosmetics, the production of liquid soap and bleach, to the manufacture of pastries and yogurt, among several productions of consumables.

Led under the able guidance of Mrs. Lamisi Adene, CEO of the Gihon Company, the participants were introduced to the systematic procedures for the quality production of the aforementioned products which are highly sought after in the Ghanaian market.

Addressing the participants, Madame Lamisi urged the participants in the vocational training activities to be careful about producing quality in the process of their goods for human consumption.

According to her, quality production of all consumables by participants who have taken the training would allow them to position and segment their products to the detriment of other products on the market.

She emphasized that it was very prudent for an individual to add value to their life by learning a vocation that would help build their ability to earn a living in a sustainable way.

Lion Seyram Freddy Ahiabor, President of Ubuntu Charter Accra, in a presentation to highlight the need for vocational skills to attendees, said that any skill acquired by an individual remains permanent for their economic well-being, where a necessary tool for the financial independence of anyone with such skills.

Reiterating the club’s commitment to empowering more young people through skill building, Lion Ahiabor mentioned that the Accra Ubuntu Lions Club is always looking for a conducive environment to serve the less fortunate in society.

The Accra Ubuntu Lions Club is one of 42 Lions clubs in Ghana and a member of the largest humanitarian service club in the world, thus the International Association of Lions Clubs with over 1.4 million members in over 200 countries and geographic areas around the world.

Moreover, it was a way for the club to embark on such a laudable mission of empowering young people in Krobo-Odumase to acquire vocational skills as a viable alternative to closing the youth unemployment gap. .

He expressed his deep appreciation to the members of the Accra Ubuntu Lions Club for their unwavering support which helped in the running of the program to help create an avenue of employment for individuals and also congratulated Gihon Company and other sponsors for the faithful partnership.

Lion Isaac Rexford Maduku, Chairman of the Committee for Vocational Training, asserted that every individual deserves a good job and as such learning a vocation is a pathway to economic empowerment.

Explaining further, he was of the view that no one should be left behind in areas where jobs are limited, but rather enroll in any vocational training that in the long term would help build a resilient economy for the nation. in general.

Lion Maduku said the training aligns with the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 and 8 which focus on eradicating poverty and creating decent jobs and economic growth respectively.

Madame Rita Nartey, a participant who benefited from the training mentioned that it was a timely intervention with most of the young people living in Manya Krobo municipality as a way to equip them with a vocation to earn a living.

She commended the Accra Ubuntu Lions Club and its partners for helping young people learn such valuable skills and promised to use these skills profitably.

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Steven L. Nielsen