After Windows update, the user profile was lost.

Hello everybody,

The other day (March 8) my laptop updated from a previous version of Windows 10 to 21H2 (OSBuild 19044.1526)

This update changed my desktop with the usual files and shortcuts etc. missing.

I went to “RECOVERY” to revert to the previous version but it says “This option is no longer available because your PC was updated more than 10 days ago”. As of this writing, there are ONLY 4 days.

I also restarted several times but to no avail.

In the C:Users FOLDER there are 12 items (ALL of which are FOLDERS)

Name Date Modified

DefaultAppPool March 12, 2022

TEMP-WIN10-AND March 12, 2022

WIN7 March 8, 2022

default user100000.WIN10-AND.000 October 10, 2021

TEMP August 7, 2021

Default.migrated August 7, 2021

Public May 31, 2021

default user100000 May 30, 2021

default user100001.WIN10-AND May 30, 2021

PCPitstopSVC May 30, 2021

default user100001 May 30, 2021

default user100000.WIN10-AND May 30, 2021

NB These are all FOLDERS

I would like to know how to recover my profile.

Any help would be grateful.

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