AMD confirms TPM issue is causing issues for some Windows 11 PCs – but fix not ready yet

It looks like Windows 11 users with AMD Ryzen processors affected by an issue on their hardware that is causing “temporary pauses in system interactivity or responsiveness” will have to wait until May to get a BIOS fix from the manufacturer. of chips.

The issue affects Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems with Firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM) enabled.

The cryptographic processor TPM manages cryptographic operations and is one of several minimum hardware requirements for a Windows 11 system to be considered in a supported state. As Microsoft discussed last year, in an “unsupported state” a PC will not be eligible to receive updates through Windows Update. Users can enable fTPM on their machine to get a machine compliant with the TPM side of Microsoft’s Windows 11 requirements.

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But as spotted by Windows Central, Reddit users have been complaining about the issue since January. AMD eventually explained that this was due to fTPM memory transactions.

“Certain AMD Ryzen system configurations may intermittently perform fTPM-related extended memory transactions in SPI flash memory (“SPIROM”) located on the motherboard,” AMD explained.

This can lead to what AMD has described as “intermittent performance stutter”, which some Windows 11 users have seen on their machines, which AMD says can cause “temporary pauses in interactivity or responsiveness.” of the system until the transaction is concluded”.

According to the Reddit user, the issue lasts about two seconds and occurs about three to four times a day, regardless of what programs are running.

But some Linus Tech Tips forum users reported that they encountered the issue after enabling fTPM for Windows 11 in July 2021. Another Lenovo forum user reported the same issue in February 2021.

AMD announces that it will release a motherboard system BIOS update containing “enhanced modules for fTPM interaction with SPIROM”. But that won’t happen until at least May 2022.

“AMD expects flashable client sBIOS files to be available beginning in early May 2022. The exact timing of BIOS availability for a specific motherboard depends on your manufacturer’s testing and integration schedule. Flashable updates for motherboards will be based on AMD AGESA 1207 (or newer),” AMD said.

It does, however, detail a workaround. Affected users who require fTPM for TPM support can switch to a hardware TPM (dTPM) device. But AMD warns that in doing so, it’s essential that users disable TPM-based encryption systems such as BitLocker Drive Encryption and/or back up system data before switching.

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