‘Apple 2023 History Calendar’ Celebrates Famous and Obscure Apple Software Milestones

Today, blogger and podcaster Stephen Hackett unveiled his “2023 Apple Hardware Calendar”. In 2022, Hackett launched a physical wall calendar featuring unique Apple product photography and dates highlighting key milestones in Cupertino’s history.

Today, the designer announced the 2023 calendar offerings. Next year, the 2023 calendar will focus on Apple’s software history.

The 2023 Apple History Calendar explores the history of Apple

For the 2023 Apple History Calendar, the highlighted dates range from things like macOS, iOS, iPad OS releases, to memorable dates regarding iLife and iWork.

Hackett said,

For 2023, I’ve designed a new edition, focusing on the software that powers our favorite devices. These dates cover everything from early software from Apple to the latest and greatest releases of macOS, iOS, iPadsOS and more. The calendar also includes a wide range of proprietary software titles, from iLife and iWork to things like Cyberdog and Rhapsody.

The calendar features my own photography of Apple products, with each month highlighting some of Apple’s software announcements over the years. Each calendar measures 20 inches by 13 inches (50.8 x 33.02 cm) when hung on your wall with a simple thumbtack or pin.

As someone who likes to cover Apple history, this is definitely something fun to snag at home. Watching what’s next for Apple is always exciting and engaging to talk about. However, it is always important to take a look at the evolution of the company.

This calendar is also fun thanks to Hackett’s collection of unique photos for over 200 Macs. His photographs also feature numerous iPods, iPhones, iPads, Newtons and more.

The project is launching via Kickstarter today. Those who pledge $32 or more will receive the physical wall calendar. They will also receive digital wallpapers and a downloadable calendar file with all dates. Donating $5 will get you the wallpapers.

Currently sitting at $13,092 with over 300 backers at the time of this writing, the calendar is proving popular. While Kickstarter projects can come with risks like production delays and shipping issues, Hackett assures the calendars will arrive in time to help celebrate the new year.

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Steven L. Nielsen