Apple Contacts (macOS) – Phone, Email, Fields, Custom Labels

Hello everyone,

Over the years, to get my calls, texts, and emails to display a proper image/logo, I’ve simply added all new phone numbers or email addresses for a business to a single contact entry. A few companies stand out for the number of phone numbers and email addresses I’ve added to them: Amazon, Apple, and AT&T. These three, for example, each have a dozen phone numbers and email addresses that I’ve given them over the years. Does anyone else do this (I guess I’m a bit of an OCD and want every non-spam number/email to show a proper image).

The reason I’m asking is that I thought it might be convenient to sync my contact list with my Outlook account and I realized that whether I’m using or the Outlook app, it doesn’t supports only a few phone numbers and email fields (when I sync using Windows iCloud app, it only takes the first three phone numbers and email addresses of a particular contact and populates all the fields Outlook and doesn’t care about the dozens of other numbers and email addresses that are included in a particular contact in Apple Contacts).

Is there a way to edit or customize Outlook Contacts like I can with Apple Contacts? I also take advantage of the personalized option when adding phone numbers and email addresses, so the contact entry for my local Mercedes dealership will have phone numbers and email addresses labeled such as “Sales”, “Parts”, “Service”, etc. that Outlook supports what appears to be an unlimited number/email addresses/labels per contact, as Apple Contacts does.

Just curious if there is a way to import 31 phone numbers for a contact that also has custom labels (in the case of my AT&T contact) into Outlook or if Outlook users just need to create multiple contacts or use a third-party solution. Does Android/Google support having multiple phone numbers and email addresses per contact?

There are no plans to leave the Apple ecosystem and it’s okay if other platforms/programs don’t support it. I’m just wondering how other platforms could handle this and if other macOS/iOS users are doing the same as me regarding adding custom numbers/email addresses/labels to contacts.

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Steven L. Nielsen