Apple released Safari Technology Preview 149

The latest version of Safari Technology Preview is here.

Today Apple released Safari Technology Preview 149. The latest version doesn’t include any major features that end users will notice, but does include a number of notable updates to the underlying technology that powers the browser.

The latest Safari Technology Preview is an experimental version of Safari for users running a Mac that currently has macOS Ventura or macOS Monterey beta installed. The preview lets developers and generally curious people test out Apple’s latest and greatest browser features and provide feedback to the company before the public version goes live for everyone.

Apple noted in the Safari Technology Preview 149 release notes that it has released a number of updates:

  • Web Inspector
  • :has() pseudo-class
  • CSS container queries
  • CSS
  • Shapes
  • Animation
  • inert attribute
  • JavaScript
  • Rendering
  • Web APIs
  • Media
  • Security
  • Loading
  • WebDriver

If you want you can To download Safari Technology Preview and test it for yourself. You can consult the release notes of Safari Technology Preview 149 on the Apple Developer website.

It’s currently unclear when Safari Technology Preview 149 features will be available to the general public. We do know, however, that the new MacBook Air is coming to the general public from Friday, July 14!

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