Apple Safari: Saved passwords require usernames on platforms that require it: iOS 15.4, macOS 12.3 beta

Apple’s current version of the Safari beta would now require users to enter their usernames when logging in with a saved password to ensure this is the correct login for the user. The current Safari update is available on iOS 15.4 for iPhone and iPad devices and Mac computers through the macOS 12.3 platform for the public.

Apple Safari Beta: now saves usernames with password

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Flighty App CEO and Founder Ryan Jones asked online if there were any changes in the Safari beta regarding its functionality, ask for a username alongside a password change. Indeed, this is a new feature of iOS and macOS as it did not ask for it before, especially on smartphones which usually ask for prompts to save logins only.

Jones got a response from one of Apple’s software engineering managers, Ricky Mondello, discuss the new Safari beta which brings the functionality for devices. Safari would save the password before with the username being “no username”, and it would only prefill its best guess from the last login to continue with autofill.

However, that is now changing with the new feature.

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Apple Safari Saved Logins in iOS 15.4, macOS 12.3 Beta

Mondello said the company intentionally included this feature to take the pain out of the login process for iOS and macOS that uses Safari’s saved login feature to remember entries. This will help to be more specific in logins and determine accounts correctly instead of having multiple passwords saved with no specific username to login to different websites.

Apple and current features for iOS

The current iOS release focuses on 15.4 for the iPhone and iPad and macOS 12.3 for its computers, bringing operating systems and features to its devices. A bittersweet revelation for iOS 15.4 is the emphasis on Face ID which will further bolster the game for users but mean less of a possibility for Touch ID.

Currently, iOS 15.4 is bringing a lot of features to beta users, with its next release coming to the public for their use and access to the various functions it brings. The new version brings several bug fixes over the current version, including one for the Siri bug that users had no particular intention of removing but bid farewell courtesy of the company.

Apple’s beta focuses on bringing lots of features allowing users to focus on the different offerings of its operating system and landscape to get a better experience with the devices. Safari’s new feature will ensure that the login process will go smoothly and will be for that user. Owners can enter multiple accounts with different passwords on a single website.

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