Apple Safari sees 1 billion global users, but not enough to beat Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Apple’s Safari has hit another milestone for its services, and that’s because the web browser has a huge user base of one billion, with many people using the service for their needs. However, Safari’s numbers aren’t enough to beat those of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, as they are the two leading internet browsers in today’s landscape.

Apple Safari hits 1 billion users in its web browser

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You wouldn’t hit 1 billion subscribers or users if your service is terrible or the only choice for their device, and that’s the case with Apple’s Safari web browser that has grown to massive proportions. According to a report by AtlasVPNSafari now has 1,006,232,879 users in its browser that uses the software for their needs and access.

The new achievement of Safari is significant for the browser as it is seen as a niche internet hub that people only use for Apple devices and those who have it pre-installed on their devices. However, this is not the case as some Windows platform users have Safari on their devices, preferring it over Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and other services.

Apple’s Safari accounts for 19.16% of all internet users worldwide.

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Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge reign supreme

However, Safari’s numbers aren’t enough to beat those of its industry rivals, including the Google Chrome web browser and Microsoft Edge. Chrome has over three billion users on its platform, while Microsoft Edge lags behind with 2 billion, being the top 2 web browsers in the world respectively.

What’s important here is that Apple’s Safari has passed a billion thresholds and now ranks third among all browsers.

Apple Safari and its features

Apple has its version of a web browser, and users know it to be Safari, a service that searches for anything a person needs. Like any other web browser that helps computers and smartphones to browse the internet for their needs, it is a famous service for everyone as it is for iOs and macOS, in the Apple landscape.

One of the main purposes of Safari is its security features which help the public to avoid tracking and their data being collected from their devices and transmitted to different third party websites which request it in the present. It also asks for data tracking and allows users to choose the prompt and prevent trackers from examining their browsing experience.

Some people do not want to install new apps on their devices and computer, and they resort to some apps that are already built into their devices for their use. However, some prefer web browsers that give them the most they want in one, with an interface they trust, which Apple boasts about with Safari.

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