Apple’s ecosystem can only improve under pressure from Google

Apple’s ecosystem is perhaps the company’s most valuable asset, after its brand. Eyebrows were raised when Google announced yesterday its intention to reproduce many key elements of this ecosystem.

While some Apple fans were outraged by what they considered to be a blatant copy of Apple’s functionality, my opinion is that this is good news for Android and iPhone users …

As reported by our colleagues from 9to5Google, Google has features to rival Spatial Audio, AirDrop, AirPods-like quick pairing, Apple Watch Unlock, and more […]

First, the company announced that it will extend its AirDrop-like “Share Nearby” feature to Windows PCs, allowing Android users to easily and wirelessly share photos, videos, and files from Android phones. to PCs. This is, of course, incredibly similar to using AirDrop between an iPhone and a Mac.

In the audio space, Google announced that it will bring its Fast Pair feature to Windows PCs, Google TV, Android TV, and Matter-enabled smart home products. This means that Fast Pair compatible headphones will be able to connect seamlessly to these devices, just as AirPods can pair effortlessly with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Google then outlined its plans to allow Wear OS smartwatches to unlock Chromebooks and embrace Spatial Audio.

Sure, Apple borrowed from Android just like Google borrowed from Apple, no business can be too surprised or wronged when this sort of thing happens. All the same, the Degree of this replication is undoubtedly aggressive on the part of Google. If I were in Tim Cook’s shoes, I might at least feel a little irritated.

As an Apple customer, however, I am thrilled. The Apple ecosystem is my main reason for choosing company devices, and it’s one of the main reasons Switches are moving from Android – but we all know things don’t always work perfectly.

I always use Dropbox rather than iCloud because it syncs faster. I still have to copy and paste and send text to myself sometimes when I want to instantly switch devices and Handoff is still waiting, uh, to transfer. My Apple Watch usually unlocks my Mac, but there are times it says it unlocks and then fails, and other times my Mac doesn’t even recognize the existence of my watch. I could go on, as I’m sure we all can.

So when Google starts offering the same benefits in the Android / Chromebook ecosystem, it puts a parcel pressure on Apple to do two things: add new benefits to the ecosystem to stay ahead and improve performance and reliability of those that already exist. It’s a victory for everyone; bring it on.

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Steven L. Nielsen