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When we are bored, the first thing we do is take our smartphone out of our pocket and look for something to watch or listen to. Scrolling through streams or watching an original series on the streaming service can also help reduce boredom. Some of us also like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world. Everyone has their own way of having fun and passing the time. There are dozens of apps you can use to pass the time. It’s a good idea to think about your needs first. If you browse Mac apps without a clear goal, it will be difficult to find the most useful ones for you.

But if you have a goal in mind, you can search for apps that meet your specific needs. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a Mac app for it. The selection may seem overwhelming at first. But luckily, you can find a Mac app that will let you do just about anything. Each of the applications below works well on all of these Mac models. Whichever model you use, you’ll get the best Mac apps. Some of them will even help you work seamlessly between multiple Macs.

Here is the list of best entertainment apps for Mac OS


Viewster tops the list of the most popular free movie apps for iPhone. It offers free streaming of many series on the Internet without installing any software. Viewster is a free, ad-supported movie streaming platform that runs on revenue generated from these ads.

The best thing about Viewster is that it allows instant streaming of your favorite movies without asking for annoying recordings before access. Viewster also offers its original titles in different genres such as anime, drama, thriller, horror, etc. It is highly praised by anime lovers for its rich collection of classic animes.


If you are looking for free music for Mac, there are few that can match VLC media. Although primarily a video player, VLC also offers solid audio solutions for music lovers. You get the same incredible audio format support as you do with video, not to mention the streaming capabilities and easy-to-use playlist manager.

Not much else to say other than it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you need a solid Mac music player without the unnecessary expense. In this case, VLC offers something simple and easy to use.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a platform that allows you to stream 100+ live channels and 1000+ movies online absolutely for free. There are many big names you can find on Pluto TV such as CBS, Bloomberg, CNET, Paramount and many more. And best of all: no registrations, no subscriptions to access the services!

Add your favorite channels to your favourites, create a personalized library and switch between a variety of channels at any time. Also, the app is highly compatible with devices like Android TV, Google Nexus Player, Chromecast TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV (4th Gen).


Sony Pictures Television’s Sony Crackle is the finest among the best movie apps for Mac and iPhone. Crackle offers full uncut movies, and you can also watch Sony Crackle originals like Snatch, The Oath, and SuperMansion that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can create your own playlist to watch your favorites anytime. Enjoy unlimited genres, unlimited content and unlimited entertainment in one place.


With over 5,000 movies, TV shows and documentaries, Snagfilms is becoming the most popular among the best movie apps for iPhone. You can even watch the hardest-to-find movies through Snagfilms. One of the standout features while using Snagfilms is screen mirroring, which lets you watch a movie on different screens.

The interactive interface lets you easily find and sort the movies you like based on reviews, ratings, and genres. The viewer can get a synopsis and other information before watching by simply hovering over the movie/show icon, etc.

Pop corn

Movies on Popcornflix are distributed by Screen Media Ventures, LLC, one of the leading movie providers. In terms of variety, Popcornflix is ​​one of the best free movie apps for Mac with the largest selection of movies.

The developers of Popcornflix claim to have created this app for movie buffs who want “great movies for free”. Popcornflix contains more than 2000 movies to calm you down in all kinds of moods. The interface is well designed to stream movies responsively with just two clicks on any platform like Mac, iPad or iPhone.


Apart from being a video sharing platform, Vimeo is also known for its community of content creators. Most filmmakers upload their experimental films to Vimeo. It is an ad-free platform where you can stream movies with high-quality content from renowned filmmakers on your Mac or iPhone.

You can also subscribe to your favorite channels and other celebrity video lovers so you don’t miss any of their updates. The application is integrated with (FCP) Final Cut Pro to allow the user to easily create a video or movie and then upload it to Vimeo.


IINA is arguably one of the best music apps for Mac in recent years. This is largely due to the naturalness of the user interface and user experience in the Mac ecosystem. You can trust IINA to play all your music files. It integrates native Apple gesture controls, Dark Mode, Touch Bar, and mouse and trackpad controls to give you the most authentic macOS feel.

This makes it a go-to choice for an open-source audio player for Mac. You can customize your sound with the built-in audio equalizer, stream music from the internet and send it to local devices. When you’re busy, play music in the background while you browse or work with picture-in-picture mode.


Vox is another popular music app for Mac users due to the many features it offers. This application is easily accessible due to its user-friendly design and interface. Vox supports all kinds of audio file formats like ALAC, DSD, WAV, AIFF and more. It’s an all-in-one music app that gives you access to thousands of radio stations, personalized playlists, and a rich audio listening experience.

Although this app is free, some features are locked behind a premium paywall. For $4.99 per month, you’ll unlock advanced features like seamless playback, a built-in 10-band EQ, unlimited cloud storage, a polished studio-like listening experience, playlist synchronization, further customization, etc. more. If you are a big music listener, this app is worth every penny.


As a music player for Mac that has been around for a while, Clementine offers a variety of useful features that music lovers can appreciate. Get the ability to search your music library, create smart and dynamic playlists, import and export M3U, XSPF, PLS and ASX, transcode music formats and much more.

With Clementine, you can also easily play audio CDs, search for songs downloaded from Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, access streaming and radio resources like Spotify, Grooveshark, SomaFM, Magnatune, Soundcloud and more. As you can see, this app is packed with features.

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