Best Linux Distros for KDE Plasma 5 April 2022

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About the Best Linux Distros for KDE Plasma 5

As a desktop environment, KDE Plasma comes with unique features, including visually rich desktop computing with nifty utilities. Many popular Linux distributions available in the market offer a version of KDE for users. Besides GNOME, KDE Plasma is one of the most powerful and dominant desktop environments, featuring an impressive appearance with neat icons and amazing look and feel. KDE Plasma has evolved and is cleaner and sleeker than ever. I often hear or read about bugs in KDE Desktop or that it has “too many options” compared to GNOME. I don’t disagree. But we can’t ignore the fact that despite all these arguments and opinions, KDE Plasma Desktop is a go-to solution for many individual and corporate use cases.

It has a well-established track record based on amazing technology that can even run on automotive and other platforms. As well as a dedicated base with a large group of developers working every day to improve this desktop. This brings me to the purpose of writing this article. There are hundreds of KDE Plasma desktop Linux distributions. But we can’t ignore the fact that despite all these arguments and opinions, KDE Plasma Desktop is a go-to solution for many individual and business use cases.

Here is the list of the best Linux distros for KDE Plasma 5


Desktop environments make Linux systems beautiful and attractive! Desktop environments are essentially more of a nice GUI implementation than the classic CLI. General to moderate users are more accustomed to graphical computing, while experts prefer the CLI to have more power over the system. Speaking of desktop environment, KDE Plasma is one of my favorite environments.

This one has the sleekest user interface as well as an interesting collection of useful tools. However, due to the polished and shiny finish, KDE Plasma consumes a bit more resources than others. However, most computers these days come with a pretty decent amount of RAM, so the extra RAM consumption shouldn’t affect your performance.

Fedora KDE Plasma Edition

If you are new to Linux, then Fedora KDE Plasma Edition is the need of the hour. Fedora needs no introduction as it remains one of the most diverse Linux operating systems. This functional operating system offers you a diverse software package for different computing needs. You can rely on Fedora KDE for official documentation, e-learning, programming, instant messaging, social networking, entertainment, and more.

Keep track of your files with Dolphin File Manager. Also, you can take advantage of the extensive open-source repository of this distro. Fedora KDE Plasma remains a premier workstation for enhanced server-side programming with virtual machines and advanced IoT tasks.

fern operating system

For a long time, Feren OS was based on Linux Mint, but with its latest release, Feren OS has reverted to its original previous distribution, Ubuntu. In a way, Feren OS takes Ubuntu and makes it easier to use. It does this by making it a more out-of-the-box desktop than the open Ubuntu, which aims to appeal to a wide variety of users. Feren OS uses a highly customized KDE desktop environment optimized for usability. KDE is often the desktop environment of choice for advanced users and is extremely customizable.

Feren OS uses the distro-neutral Calamares installer, which has been optimized to shorten the process to the essentials of the partitioning step. The user creation step has been delegated to a first launcher app, which will also help you configure other important things like keyboard and timezone when you start your new installation.

KDE neon

From the makers of KDE, KDE Neon is an Ubuntu LTS-based distribution that brings you the Plasma desktop with state-of-the-art software support. KDE Neon includes applications and software packages compatible with the Plasma desktop. As a KDE-powered distro, Neon gives you a neatly designed desktop that’s easy to customize to your liking. You can use the standard version of the distribution for traditional computing.

You can also use the Developer Edition for web programming, generic coding, and research, with library packages for advanced software development. KDE Neon performs exceptionally well in the error-handling department, as its solid Ubuntu base intelligently deals with crashes that are a common problem with older versions.


Kubuntu is an official KDE Plasma desktop version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system. It uses the same set of underlying Ubuntu packages and follows the Ubuntu release schedule. That is, it releases a new version when Ubuntu does. Because it’s based on Ubuntu, you get a huge help and support community that comes with the Kubuntu flavor.

KDE 5.19 was developed with a focus on consistency and unification of desktop elements and widgets. This improves the user experience and gives them better control over their desktop. In general, the components are much easier to use and provide users with a pleasant experience. Once logged in, the first thing you’ll notice is the eye-catching new wallpaper that will add a splash of color to your desktop.

network broker

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