Best Mac for my (construction) business

Salvation. I hate to admit it, but I really don’t know much about Macs, so I need advice on which one would best suit my needs. I started an eco-restoration business five years ago and brought my 2014 Mac Mini and 2013 MacBook Pro with me (the best computer I’ve ever owned). When the 2013 started to slow down considerably a few years ago, I bought the 2019 MacBook Air (base model) to guide me for a few years as an inexpensive alternative until we had more cash.

I don’t really do heavy work with the machine. I use MS Office suite (lots of spreadsheets and word processors), many standard Mac apps, PDF Editor (for editing contracts and construction documents), Slack, Stack (takeoffs), Quickbooks and Dropbox. The Air is a bit sluggish all around, but where it really gets stuck is with the construction plan sets (drawings). It takes forever and a day for the preview or PDF editor to render them. This creates the biggest bottleneck in my daily workflow.

My business partner has the 16″ 2021 MacBook Pro and it’s a beast and I love the screen size. Admittedly, it does a lot more estimating than me, which requires horsepower. I don’t know whether I should look into this or if it would just be overkill for my needs I feel like I got what I paid for when I picked up the Air on sale for $899. Wasn’t expecting it to meet my needs forever.I really need a laptop, however, because I spend most of my time traveling, any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

[Also, I love Mac OS and am heavily entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, but have noticed a lot of others in the industry using ThinkPads. I really don’t know why, but they’re everywhere (I suppose it couldn’t hurt to ask the next person I encounter using one). If anyone works in the industry and has some insight into this I’d be interested to hear about it. I’m not adverse to using a PC if it has a clear advantage for what I do, but I am currently most comfortable with Apple computers.]

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Steven L. Nielsen