Best Sports Games for Windows 11/10 of May 2022

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We all love to play games on the big screen and today the craze for sports is on the rise and people are discovering more and more new games. Also, there was more technology and a lot more stuff to entertain people as a fun activity. Video games not only provide the exciting opportunity to express one’s hopes and dreams in the field, but also often allow users to take on the role of CEO. For those who like challenges and don’t care about game story and sometimes graphics, sports games are a very good genre in this case. Plus, most sports games feature licensed teams and players from your favorite sport or league, making controlling your favorite player and scoring a goal that much more fun.

Sports games are very popular these days and some of them are enshrined in esports competitions that are played all over the world all over the world. With a spark that tends toward social change and technological advancement, top sports games have moved from playgrounds and stadiums to mobile devices and PCs. Playing the best PC sports games may not be the first choice for you, but only a real gamer will understand the essence of PC sports games.

Here is the list of the best sports games for Windows 11/10

3d archery

Archery 3D is an entertaining Windows 10 Mobile game that challenges your aiming skills. The game has detailed graphics with simple touch controls for your favorite bow. The game mechanics are simple. Touch and hold the screen to score an arrow and shoot the bow back. You can then slide your finger across the screen to set your target, and when all is well, release your finger to fire the arrow. If the pressure of a game clock isn’t enough of a challenge, you’re also limited in the number of arrows available to launch at your target.

The Archery 3D game is divided into twenty-one levels which are unlocked gradually. Each level places a set number of arrows in your quiver and a set number of targets to hit. To add to the challenge of the game, you must complete each objective before the game timer reaches zero. If you run out of arrows or leave a target standing, you miss the level. As you complete Archery 3D levels, gold coins are awarded which, in turn, can be used to purchase new bows. Bows vary in accuracy, strength, and range. This archery game has great physics and when you hold the bow on the target it simulates fatigue very well which makes it harder to stay on target.

AE Bowling 3D

AE Bowling 3D supports multiplayer games (up to 3 players in pass and play mode) and two styles of single player games. Solo games include a single player game and a game against the computer. There are also different submodes for these games. The single player game has a classic mode which is a traditional bowling game and a challenge mode which presents you with specific bowling layouts to tackle. The game you versus the computer has a One Board mode which is an individual game against the computer and a Championship mode which is a 10 round tournament against computerized opponents. Depending on your choice, you can play alone, it’s just for the result, but also with a virtual or real opponent.

These types of games also have a few variations, so you won’t get bored and tired of the game long after you start it. As in a real bowling alley, you will find rounds of ten squares each giving you the possibility of making two throws. Clearly, in the event of a one-shot elimination (when all the pins fall after the first throw), the need for the second throw disappears and you move on to the next frame. In-game control is via gestures on the touchscreen and an accelerometer, depending on which type you choose. By default, you can only play with gestures.

field goal tournament

If you’re a football fan, there’s not much available in the Windows Store beyond Madden Football. Although a full football match is not possible, some Windows 10 sports games focus on specific football skills. You have Touchdown Hero, where you play as a runner and endless runner, and Field Goal Tournament, where you play as a kicker.

Intuitive and addictive gameplay, feels like hitting realistic field goal, easy controls, family fun. Multiple football stadiums with stunning 3D graphics. Great sound and visual effects to complete the feeling of real football. Tournament mode with 4 preset tournaments where you can play with up to 8 human or computer players to see who is the best. Endless leaderboard mode, beat the high scores with the revolutionary endless checkpoint system. Completely free and realistic field goal game for all ages.


Rocket League is one of the greatest football games of all time. Yes, it replaces an 11-man squad with three rocket-powered cars, potentially adorned with a stack of pancakes or a hat, and it’s still a great game of football. The FIFA and PES communities constantly argue over scripted play and pay-to-win mechanics; you won’t hear any of that about Rocket League.

The beauty of the game is that you get rewards for running fundamentals as well as for scoring goals, so you don’t have to compete with your teammates and hog the ball. Actions such as helping other players with a goal, crossing the ball past your opponent’s goal, or clearing your own arc of the ball earn you points, so playing as a defender or supporter is worth playing as. than attacking.

baseball stars 2

Baseball Stars 2 captures the essence of the sport through two leagues, 18 larger-than-life fictional teams, simple controls, tons of charming animations, and amazing cutscenes that highlight tense moments, like a game at home plate or a batter. a pitcher in the face after being on the receiving end of a beanball. Using the D pad with just two buttons, you can swing, bunt, control outfielders, control base runners, and have your pitcher throw a pitch or make a pick move. Hitting is mostly about timing, although you can move the hitter inside the box to adjust outside and back heights.

You start a game of Baseball Stars 2 by jumping into a head-to-head matchup against a human friend, or jumping into a 15-game season where you choose a team of potential winners and try to take them on. until the championship. There’s no option for a quick solo contest, which is weird. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to dive and have a good time. The player’s bat doubles in size and any contact he makes will cause the ball to fly as if it were literally being fired from a cannon. Don’t worry, each team has a limited supply of these bats, so while there are plenty of towering bombs, both players still need to do their fair share of timely dive catches and takedowns.

basketball stick

Like football, the selection of basketball games is somewhat sparse in the Windows Store. One of the most fun options available is Stickman Basketball 2017. Although the graphics are somewhat modest, the gameplay is simple so you can focus on the game rather than a complicated series of controls. While the stickmen players are just elaborate, they have some very fiery dunks. Controls include an on-screen joystick to move your players around and buttons to shoot, pass, block and switch players.

Experience pure basketball fun with fast-paced gameplay, amazing atmosphere, stunning animations, simple controls, crazy action, and tons of replay value. Choose your favorite team and rise through the ranks playing different seasons, cups and events in spectacular stadiums or simply dominate street basketball. Decide if you want full control over your players with manual execution and shot timing or use auto execution mode where you control precise pass timing and watch your players perform amazing dunks.

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