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The best strategy games for Mac have always been great, but in recent years they’ve gotten even better. Whether you’re interested in fast-paced real-time strategy games, complex turn-based games, or casual alternatives for your MacBook, this list has something for everyone. Strategy games are famous and important games for this platform. Strategy is one of the oldest games in human history.

Whether it’s chess, board games, or even card games, strategy games existed long before computers existed. Strategy games have come a long way, but the basic principle of using your brain to defeat your opponents still holds true today. It’s a fantastic way to test your creativity. Do you know that gaming is sometimes considered a second-rate platform compared to console gaming?

You could debate this for days, but there’s one genre where games are the undisputed leader: strategy games. After all, they have to be played with a mouse and keyboard. Mac gamers generally have to come to terms with the fact that some of the best games are only compatible with Windows, but luckily strategy games are the exception. macOS can anticipate each of the best decisions.

Here is the list of the best strategy games for Mac OS

Civilization 6

Civilization games are probably the best known and most popular turn-based 4X games (explore, expand, explode, destroy) and Civilization 6 is the latest installment in this series. In this game, you take control of a civilization of your choice and your main objective is to develop your civilization, expand its influence and conquer the civilizations of other players. As a turn-based game, Civilization 6 is all about long-term strategy and short-term tactical decisions.

Here, unit control, reflexes, and multitasking do not play a significant role in victory. Instead, it takes good foresight and strategic thinking to stay ahead of your opponents. In Civilization 6, there are a total of five ways to achieve victory: conquest/domination, scientific and technological superiority, cultural superiority, religious dominance, and diplomatic victory, which can be achieved in different ways.

Total War: Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3 is one of the most popular Total War games, so it’s amassed a lot of content over the years with plenty of DLC packs and add-ons. If you’ve never played a Total War game before: This type of game is known for combining two elements of a strategy game, resource-based strategy and real-time strategy, where you directly control your army and use its territory. In the current battlefield, you get an advantage by fighting enemy armies.

The combination of these two game elements leads to the creation of a strategy game that can appeal to both players who enjoy faster action-oriented strategies where the show is set, and players who they want to sit. behind, they take the time to choose theirs. next move, and slowly and methodically develop and conquer their opponents.

0 AD

0 AD is an open source method game for Mac. When you start a video game, you are a leader ready for the challenge. With the resources at your disposal, you must create your own cultures and defeat the enemies that come your way.

Amazingly, the video game brings a battle between 2 different cultures, one from 500 AD and the other from 500 BC. It is still under development and may still contain some bugs. However, you must dial 0 AD.

democracy 3

Democracy 3 is an excellent political method game for Mac. It is available on Steam and also contains many downloadable extras. Among the popular simulation video games, Democracy 3 also wants you to be a leader.

The story takes place in an industrialized western country and you have to solve all kinds of problems, from crime to climate change. It has an excellent interface which adds to the experience of a strategy video game. In this political video game, every decision you make counts.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2, released by Blizzard in 2010, is a long-running real-time strategy game that has managed to maintain its popularity over the years, mainly because it’s a major esport. It’s a fast and intense game that requires a lot of skill, a good understanding of the current meta and a high level of control, as you have to be able to build your base, defend it and try to attack and to destroy at the same time. base and enemy army with your own army.

Although the game had an active multiplayer scene, younger players were generally overwhelmed with the amount of multitasking they had to do to win against other human players, which could put them off.

in the gap

Into the Breach is a series-based strategy game often reminiscent of a sci-fi version of chess. At first glance, it seems like a very simple game: each level is played on an 8 x 8 grid and it’s all about making the right move with the right piece to emerge victorious. You don’t have to multitask or control multiple units at once. Instead, it’s about making steady, strategically smart decisions so the game doesn’t punish you for your lack of insight. In each level of the game, you will control 3 commanders, each controlling a technical uniform.

Your objective is to use your commanders’ unique abilities and robot uniforms to destroy enemies on the 8×8 table, while doing your best to avoid collateral damage to civilian buildings and structures. Despite its seemingly simple story, Into the Breach is actually a very complex and challenging game, where you’ll often find yourself in situations where victory seems impossible.


Frostpunk is an exciting strategy game in which the main enemy you have to face is nature itself. This game combines masterful elements from more conventional city-building games like Sim City and Cities: Skylines and survival elements like Don’t Starve and Ark: Survival Evolved, resulting in an exciting and often tense experience. In Frostpunk, your goal is to build and develop a city in the middle of an ice age.

Cold and harsh weather conditions make this very difficult and force you to consider many different factors when deciding what to prioritize to keep your townspeople alive and happy. Frostpunk is a constant battle against the elements, in which you must keep your resources in a delicate balance, so that the cold doesn’t find a weak point in your infrastructure and exploit it, which could eventually bring down the whole world. city.


Stellaris is also a much bigger sandbox strategy game. The accessible space in Stellaris is huge, and exploring it requires a lot more gameplay compared to Endless Space 2. There are scripted events and random events that affect your empire, and you have the freedom to perform every troparion imaginable. of a scientific empire. fiction. However, despite the abundance of content, the game lags a bit when it comes to combat and victory conditions.

The races aren’t as imaginative or different from each other as the races in Endless Space 2, and there are basically two conditions for victory: complete destruction of all opposing races and 100% control of the galaxy. There are no prerequisites for scientific, economic or superior victory. Additionally, a game of Stellaris could go on forever, many players who have tried it have never completed a single game where the victory screen is displayed.

xcom 2

XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactical strategy game with RPG and roguelike elements. The game puts the player in control of a party of 4-6 customizable characters with different skills and abilities that they must use to progress through procedurally created levels, take down a variety of enemies, and complete various objectives.

The game is mostly played from a top-down perspective, but when certain sequences take place, the camera switches to closer and more cinematic angles, which makes for a more dramatic experience and allows the game to display its best graphics as well.

endless space 2

If you liked the idea of ​​Civilization 6 and 4X games in general, but would have preferred a sci-fi setting, then you should try Endless Space 2. It’s a turn-based 4x space strategy game, where you can control a specific race with its unique characteristics, and your goal is to build a strong empire that will conquer or dominate all other races.

As in Civilization 6, there are several different victory conditions, and each of them can allow you to win a game of Endless Space 2. There is the victory obtained by researching all the technologies of your race, and the victory financial, for which you need to accumulate a certain amount of the main resources of the game, and there is also the victory with the highest score and a miraculous victory.

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