Budgie 10.6 is here as the first release under the new organization

In January, former Solus co-leader Joshua Strobl made headlines after leaving Solus to work on SerpentOS.

You can read more about it in our original coverage.

However, he still wanted to work on the Budgie desktop environment, so he forked the project (to a new repository) and formed the Buddies Of Budgie organization. Three months later, the first release since this organizational change has arrived, which we’ll see here.

Parakeet 10.6: what’s new?

Considering this is the first release since the aforementioned organizational change, the features are pretty light. Despite that, here’s a general overview of what’s new:

  • Theming improvements
  • New notification system
  • Code Reformatting

Along with the latest update announcement, Joshua also mentions:

Budgie 10.6 aims to bridge the gap between Budgie’s traditional “downstream” consumers and the development organization itself, allowing the latter like Ubuntu Budgie to become more intimately involved in its development.

By enforcing one of our fundamental pillars of being a platform rather than a product, the goal of Budgie 10.6 and future releases of Budgie is to provide a macrocosm, or minimal set of tightly coupled components, and to leave the rest of the ecosystem in charge of the decisions and values ​​of downstream consumers, whether distributors or end users.

So if you were worried about the development of the Budgie desktop environment post-split, this should put your mind at ease.

Theme improvements

It seems that the thematic improvements in this release were almost entirely aimed at improving consistency and subtle changes for a modern look.

For example, border radii have been applied to some desktop elements, uniform spacing, unified color scheme for widgets, and other improvements to GTK theme support.

In my hands-on experience with this release, the changes were subtle but there, and I felt like they brought Budgie in line with desktops like Gnome and KDE.

New notification system

Although it’s not immediately obvious, Budgie has now received a new notification system. The biggest impact of this is that it has now been moved out of Raven, the panel on the right side of the screen.

As a result, other Budgie components can now use the new notification system. An example mentioned is “unlock the ability to support notification badges in Icon Tasklist in the future”.

Again, although minor, this change opens up future options, so hopefully we can take advantage of it in future releases.

Other improvements

Some other changes in Budgie 10.6 include:

  • Use of tabs instead of spaces, general reformatting of some codes.
  • Reintroduce support for GNOME 40, to enable support for Ubuntu LTS.
  • Rename GNOME Control Center to Budgie Control Center.
  • Fixes for Raven thumbnail extension causing Raven itself to resize.

If you’re curious for more, you can find the release announcement at GitHub for a full list of new features.

Obtain a parakeet 10.6

If you want to get Budgie 10.6, it would probably be best to wait for your distro to package it first. It will probably take less than a week if you’re on Arch, with Ubuntu and derivatives taking a bit longer.

For those feeling adventurous, you can also try compiling it, but you probably already know how to do it if you’re willing to give it a try.

Overall, Budgie 10.6 looks like an exciting release, especially given its significant organizational changes.

What do you think of the changes in Budgie 10.6? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Steven L. Nielsen