Canonical announces end of life date for Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla

Canonical announced that Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is slated to lose support on July 22, 2021. As the release was one of those between the Long Term Support (LTS) releases, it is only nine months old. Those running this particular version of Ubuntu are advised to upgrade their systems to Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo, available since April.

To help you upgrade your computer, Canonical has released a guide which goes over everything you need to know and do to access the latest version. If you’re not sure what version of Ubuntu you have, open Settings, scroll down the left pane until you reach About, then look under Operating System Name and you should be able to see which version you are on. Most people checking out should find out that they are using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, which is supported until 2025.

After July 22, systems with Ubuntu 20.10 can still be used, but they will not receive significant security updates. Quickly, you will notice that your web browser is getting outdated, which will only increase your risk. If you have a particular use of Ubuntu 20.10 that prevents you from upgrading, disconnecting your computer from the internet and keeping it offline is another option you have to stay safe.

For most people, long-term support versions of Ubuntu are the best because upgrades are only needed every two years. Intermediate versions, while stable, act more as a testing ground for new features between LTS versions.

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