Mac OS

Technical Q on Mac OS shutdown sequence

This question is not related to any specific issue, only a Mac OS curiosity resulting from the daily shutdown of a Mac Pro 6.1 and how to guess or figure out what is going on internally during the process. ‘stop. Read more if interested. Why? The 6.1 is connected through …

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How to use the markup feature on your Mac

Markup is one of the most useful built-in features in the Apple ecosystem. If you need a quick fix for your media or need to annotate documents before sending them to someone’s inbox, this feature is here for you. While the feature is often heavily used in iPhones and iPads, …

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How to use tags in Apple Notes on iPhone and Mac

The default Notes app on iPhone and Mac used the folder / subfolder style to organize notes. This changes with iOS 15 since Apple introduced tags for the note-taking app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to organize your notes. Here’s how to use tags in the Apple Notes app. With …

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