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The average American spends nearly $ 1,500 a year on food they’ll never eat, according to a new study.

A survey of 2,000 Americans in the general population found that people wasted $ 1,493.93 on food per year, which is almost one-fifth of their groceries after each shopping trip (18%).

Less than 10% of respondents said they ‘never’ buy food they don’t end up eating, while almost three in 10 (27%) said it was something they didn’t eat. were doing “always” or “often”.

Produced by OnePoll and commissioned by Avocado Green Mattress, the survey looked at the habits that contribute to food waste – and the effect it has on the environment.

Interestingly, one measure Americans surveyed can take to limit food waste is to shop on your own.

Half of respondents prefer to go to the grocery store on their own, and when they do, they are more likely to stick to their list (55%) and are less likely to buy foods they don’t want or that they don’t need (36%).

It’s important to keep the list in mind, as 38% are more likely to let food go bad if it wasn’t originally on their shopping list.

Six in 10 also said they always try to avoid shopping when they are hungry because they are more likely to buy food they won’t eat when they go to the store on an empty stomach. .

Some respondents seem to be in a cycle when it comes to food waste: 46% typically buy and end up wasting the same food every month because they think they are going to be able to eat it.

And the same number said they were doing it with healthy foods, in particular.

This appears to be a trend, as data has shown that fruits (53%) and vegetables (45%) are the foods most likely to be wasted. Next come the various dairy products (39%).

“At Avocado Green Brands, we think a lot about using only what we need,” said Mark Abrials, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Avocado. “We can all do better to limit food waste by sticking to grocery lists and, once home, prioritizing the consumption of our perishable foods, such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products. . “

Despite the prevalence of food waste, two-thirds of respondents (65%) said taking care of the environment was a priority for them.

Twenty-three percent of respondents admit to being “very concerned” about their personal food waste, and 32% said they were “somewhat concerned”.

Three-quarters of respondents (76%) feel guilty about throwing away uneaten food because it is a waste of money – and 48% feel the same, because of the damage done by food waste to the home. ‘environment.

“When it comes to food waste, no one is perfect,” Abrials said. “But to factor in our environmental impact, not to mention wasted money, we believe it is essential to think through everything we buy, be it food, mattresses or other products. . “


  • Fruits 53%
  • Vegetables 45%
  • Dairy products 39%
  • Cereals 25%
  • Protein 20%
  • Snacks 19%

Money spent on wasted food: 18.15% x (1.9 grocery shopping per week x 52 weeks per year = 98.8 x $ 83.31 spent per trip = $ 8,231.028 total per year) = 1 $ 493.93

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Escambia School Principal Apologizes for Racial Diversity Training Video Some Considered “Divisive”: NorthEscambia.com https://integer-software.co.uk/escambia-school-principal-apologizes-for-racial-diversity-training-video-some-considered-divisive-northescambia-com/ https://integer-software.co.uk/escambia-school-principal-apologizes-for-racial-diversity-training-video-some-considered-divisive-northescambia-com/#respond Fri, 13 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/escambia-school-principal-apologizes-for-racial-diversity-training-video-some-considered-divisive-northescambia-com/

Escambia County School Superintendent Tim Smith apologized Thursday for a diversity training video that all district employees were required to watch.

The intention of the video was to train teachers and staff on how to educate and interact with students of a different race. The video showed several scenarios in which white teachers and adults showed perceived racial biases against African Americans before stating that staff members and teachers should be aware of their biases. (A link to the video can be found at the bottom of this article.)

“This video was not intended to offend, anger or divide our employees or anyone,” Smith said, reading a prepared statement. “I apologize.”

“The idea for the video was mine and I asked for it to be shared with all employees in the district. Our goal as a district is to close the achievement gap between our white and black students in English and math. These differences are 34% and 35%. This video has no impact or connection with the curriculum. We are in full and 100% compliance with the recent State Board of Education ruling on Critical Race Theory.

“We need to start closing the success gap. The question is how? Clear answers may not be readily available, but we can only do it with mutual agreement… My hope is that we can move forward united and determined to reach all students, ”said Smith.

Only black and white races were included in the video.

Board member Kevin Adams said he saw the video during continuing education as a bus driver.

“It stunned me. Thirty-eight years with the Department of Defense with the United States Navy doing diversity training every year, I’ve never seen anything like it, ”Adams said. “I think it should be taken out. I think this video should no longer be shown. It was a division, and we don’t need it. We all need to come together as a team. “

Adams said he wanted future policy-related articles to be presented at a school board workshop before being distributed throughout the county. “This is not the place for politics; policies should be developed here (in front of the school board). Unless my lawyer tells me otherwise, we don’t develop policy during training.

“I think video is definitely not the right tact for us,” said Board member Paul Festsko. “I would appreciate it, sir, if it were withdrawn and no longer mandatory.” “

“I am the godmother of 47 children and they are not depressed,” community member B. Thomas told the board. “I was very disturbed by this video. It gave the impression that we had a problem in the school system.

“It’s inappropriate. We are not oppressed, ”continued Thomas, who is African American. “Yeah, I’m angry about it. I think it’s a racial theory that you want it to be in the system, but it’s not going to work.

Alice Downs, a 20-year elementary school teacher in Escambia County, said the video was a mandatory “viewing party” for employees, and that they were required to sign a Google form stating that they ‘had watched. She said there were “seven completely racist white scenes depicted in the video… You are taught to be racist. These children are not racists. They love each other.”

“I really hope this video was not shown to students at Montclair Elementary School where it was filmed and where the show helped make the video,” Downs continued. “What kind of impression do you think it left on them?” They were able to watch scene after scene and scene after scene of white racists. What type of packaging is it? And also what kind of impression did it give to the two white child actors in the video who had to rehearse this scene several times. Practice racism. The overall message is valid, but the way they pitted us against each other, I don’t believe it. You’ve totally missed the mark on this, Superintendent, and you’ve got a lot of upset teachers of all races. No Asian was in this video; no Hispanics were in this video.

Mike Hill, an insurance agent and former state official, said the video was humiliating both for black children and for teachers. He said the attempt to close the achievement gap between black and white college students is laudable, but the video fails to accomplish the task.

“It gives too many black children the idea that they are victims, that they have a victim mentality,” he said.

Hill said part of the linguistics video was particularly appalling because it suggested that teachers should try to communicate with students using Ebonics.

“Ebonics is nothing more than poor English,” he said. “English is the international language of finance. The better you write and speak English, the more money you earn. We should teach these children how to improve their English skills, not to accept when their English skills do not reach the correct level.

To watch the 22 minute video, posted by Escambia County Citizen Larry Downs, click or tap here.

Pictured: Scenes from “Diversity, Equity and Closing the Achievement Gap” were to be viewed for all teachers and staff in the Escambia County School District.

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Monster Slayer is finally available for Android and iOS https://integer-software.co.uk/monster-slayer-is-finally-available-for-android-and-ios/ https://integer-software.co.uk/monster-slayer-is-finally-available-for-android-and-ios/#respond Thu, 22 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/monster-slayer-is-finally-available-for-android-and-ios/

Almost 10 months after its first announcement, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is finally available on Android and iOS. Spokko, a member of the CDPR family, released the game and it is available on both platforms. For those wondering, the game is a location-based AR RPG, and if that doesn’t ring a bell, it uses the same formula that Pokémon GO uses. Of course, the game itself is different, but this is your chance to live out your dream as a witcher.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer will finally let you step into the shoes of a witcher

You can check out the press release the developers shared with us.

WhatsApp will soon allow you to send messages that disappear after 90 days

Available now for free on iOS and Android, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a brand new game set in The Witcher universe. Developed and published by Spokko, the game challenges players to take on the role of a newly trained Witcher Adept and enter a dark and fantasy realm using only their cell phones. Using advanced AR features, location, and time of day, players will hunt down over 100 witcher world monsters old and new.

On top of that, we’ve also got our hands on a live launch trailer which you can check out below.

While the trailer looks fun, it doesn’t reflect what the game looks like. Nonetheless, if you’re interested, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is now available both on the Google play store and App Store.

On top of that, if you log into the game by July 28 at 11:59 p.m. CEST, Android and iOS users will find the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword in their inventory. This weapon will increase the number of experience points gained from killing monsters by 10% and it’s definitely something the new features will love to have by their side when they begin their journey.

Being a longtime fan of the Witcher franchise, this certainly sounds like an interesting take on the game. I can’t wait to see if it manages to gain the same popularity as other augmented reality-based games.

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Taco Bell crew chief arrested on arson charges after video showed staff playing with fireworks at a Tennessee store https://integer-software.co.uk/taco-bell-crew-chief-arrested-on-arson-charges-after-video-showed-staff-playing-with-fireworks-at-a-tennessee-store/ https://integer-software.co.uk/taco-bell-crew-chief-arrested-on-arson-charges-after-video-showed-staff-playing-with-fireworks-at-a-tennessee-store/#respond Tue, 13 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/taco-bell-crew-chief-arrested-on-arson-charges-after-video-showed-staff-playing-with-fireworks-at-a-tennessee-store/

Nashville, TennesseeWKRN– Nashville Fire Department investigators have arrested the Taco Bell crew chief after a blaze that reportedly caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage as employees set fireworks at a restaurant.

On Monday, NFD investigators charged 25-year-old Courtney Maze with felony and escalating arson.

The fire broke out on July 5 at Taco Bell at 5510 Nolensville Pike. According to the NFD, the store owner contacted a fire investigator and reported surveillance footage showing employees were behind a fire.

Surveillance footage showed employees locking down restaurants to prevent customers from entering the business, investigators said. After that, he ran into the store with fireworks in his hand. At one point, an employee entered the men’s restroom, returned to the lobby a few minutes later, and dropped an item into the trash can near the door.

Employees are said to have come out of the restaurant and have started recording videos of trash on their cell phones. In doing so, the investigator says the employee locked himself outside the store and called 911 when he saw smoke coming out of the trash.

The firefighter broke into the store and managed to extinguish the fire. Damage caused by fireworks in the men’s toilets was also noted.

The fire caused approximately $ 30,000 in the building. The NFD said more arrests are expected in the coming days.

Taco Bell crew chief arrested on arson charges after video showed staff playing with fireworks at a Tennessee store

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Senate sets DC status hearing for June 22 https://integer-software.co.uk/senate-sets-dc-status-hearing-for-june-22/ https://integer-software.co.uk/senate-sets-dc-status-hearing-for-june-22/#respond Wed, 16 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/senate-sets-dc-status-hearing-for-june-22/

The Senate is moving forward with an effort to make Washington DC the 51st state by scheduling a hearing for June 22. But the final move to statehood is still a long-term prospect in the 50-50 split upper house.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs will convene a hearing on Tuesday on whether to grant statehood to Washington DC, which would add a representative and two additional senators to Congress.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, a vocal DC state supporter, is expected to testify with Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, as well as several legal experts.


The House already passed a DC state law in April, but it would take 60 votes to advance through the Senate with legislative filibuster in place, meaning at least 10 Republicans should join all Democrats. . Republicans broadly called the DC state-building effort a Democratic power game to expand the Senate with representatives from a liberal stronghold and questioned the constitutionality of the federal district’s transformation into a state.

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser testifies during the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on the status of state of DC, Monday, March 22, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Caroline Brehman / Pool via CQ Roll Call)

Democrats, however, made the state for the district’s nearly 700,000 people a civil rights issue and argued that Washingtonians should no longer be taxed without full representation in government.

Michigan Democratic Senator Gary Peters, chairman of the Homeland Security committee that held the hearing, said it was time for DC residents “to have a say in the laws and decisions that govern them “.


The authors of the DC state law – DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton in the House and Delaware Senator Tom Carper in the Senate – have expressed optimism that the state could pass with the Democrats in charge of Congress and a supportive President Biden in the White House.

“The Senate hearing shows that momentum continues to build for the Washington State bill,” Holmes Norton said in a statement.. “The state of DC now enjoys 54% support nationwide, according to the most recent detailed poll, and I expect that support to increase even further after the Senate hearing, as he did so after the House hearings. As the second Senate hearing on the state of DC, next week will be historic. “

According to the plan, the 51st state would be called “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth”, named after Frederick Douglass. The state would be made up of 66 of the 68 square miles of the present Federal District.


DC would have full control over local affairs and full representation in Congress, which would equate to two Senators and one House representative based on the current population.

The area around the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the National Mall would be divided into a federal district controlled by Congress and named the “Capital”.

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“The Cuphead Show! Sneak Peek introduces Wayne Brady as King of the Dice https://integer-software.co.uk/the-cuphead-show-sneak-peek-introduces-wayne-brady-as-king-of-the-dice/ https://integer-software.co.uk/the-cuphead-show-sneak-peek-introduces-wayne-brady-as-king-of-the-dice/#respond Mon, 14 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/the-cuphead-show-sneak-peek-introduces-wayne-brady-as-king-of-the-dice/

Netflix has unveiled a preview of the highly anticipated The Cuphead Show! with King Dice by Wayne Brady, “the right hand of the devil”.

Cuphead Show Wayne Brady King Dice Netflix

The long awaited The Cuphead Show! finally has a preview of Netflix. In the clip, fans can see the infamous King Dice, who is often dubbed “the devil’s right hand,” so expect to see him do things that bolster his reputation.

Cup head is a 2D side-scrolling video game that looks like the classic Mega man video games. Players must cross a 2D plane while connecting their shots at enemies, bosses and other objects that are part of the game world. The game is known for its easy to learn but very difficult to master gameplay. is where the Mega man comparisons come.

RELATED: Cuphead Fans Imagine a Cuphead-Themed Restaurant

The game also has a two-player co-op where the second player plays Cuphead’s brother Mugman, who is very similar in design but with a blue stripe serving as a unique distinction from his brother. The Cuphead Show! will be a character-driven comedy following the Cuphead and Mugman brothers. In the clip, viewers don’t see this aspect of the character’s story, but they do see an antagonist interacting with an unfortunate audience member, teasing what’s to come. Voiced by Wayne Brady, the antagonist King Dice appears to be in the vein of classic animated characters from the golden age of animation, showing that The Cuphead Show! will follow the tradition of video games to pay homage to this era of cartoons.

The story of the game follows the brothers trying to fight for their souls within a strict time frame after playing with the devil (against their elder brother’s will). Wait The Cuphead Show! present many misadventures in the same vein as the history of the video game, which will make it a very compelling series. The Brothers’ ability to shoot only came after their bet with the real evil, so it’s unclear whether this show will give the siblings the same power or if they will be given abilities that we don’t. not seen in games.

Cup head was a very popular game initially released in 2017 that has sold over three million copies. It was released on multiple consoles and achieved critical and commercial success. Hopefully these units translate to the audience for the Netflix show.

In the case where The Cuphead Show! done well, expect to see more video game spinoffs coming to streaming platforms. The witcher did well, given that it has attracted new fans as well as fans of the video game and books. Many are patiently awaiting the end of the long history of trashy video game adaptations.

The Cuphead Show! will be available in 2021 on Netflix.

MORE: Zack Snyder’s Star Wars Movie Could Have Broke The Mold

Source: Netflix / Youtube

Diablo 2: Resurrected releases druid class trailer

Diablo 2: Resurrected continues to release trailers for its character classes, the latest featuring the shapeshifter druid.

Read more

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How To Use An Asian Live Cam https://integer-software.co.uk/how-to-use-an-asian-live-cam/ https://integer-software.co.uk/how-to-use-an-asian-live-cam/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:34:09 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/as-ajmer-turns-a-new-leaf-no-dream-seems-exaggerated/ An Asian live cam is the kind of gadget that can be truly used to arouse sex appeal in any individual that uses it. Nowadays, a wide range of these things have become available.

Looks sexy and very attractive

The one thing that you need to bear in mind is that there are some men who use such gadgets to just have fun. If you’re going to put a woman on camera, then you have to make sure that she’s not just for fun, but also looks very attractive. In fact, it can be better to use one of these things on your wife than to simply let her go free while being seen by her husband.

Women love to be teased, and these live cams can be used as well to make sure that they get pleasure from such things. In addition, they are much better if used to make sure that you are able to see all your partner has to offer.

You must also remember that you need to be very careful if you are in the position of spying on your male partner. There are many tricks used by many of the other guys out there in order to gain as much information as possible on women that are using such things to get what they want.

It’s best that you choose one of these things carefully and keep it somewhere that nobody would be able to get it. For example, some men use the place where the Asian live cam is located.

The different features that are available to you

Once they get caught, they’ll be able to get help from the people they know and trust in order to get the items that they want out of them. It’s a good idea to get several different gadgets and turn them into Asian live cams so that you’ll be able to have access to various aspects of what goes on behind closed doors.

Before getting a live cam, you should also know about the different features that are available to you. They include being able to change the settings on the live cam so that it will allow you to spy on what is going on, and also allowing you to adjust how long the video will be. In here you can check latest review’s from trashvideo.

For many people, they use it for many different reasons. For example, some people will use it when they are trying to spice up their relationships with their partners, while others will use it just to watch their kids.

Be sure that you get an Asian live cam

If you decide to use one of these things, you will definitely want to be sure that you get an Asian live cam. In addition, you should also make sure that you watch for spyware, which can be used to gain access to all sorts of personal information from your computer.

Many people will be surprised at how dangerous this is, especially if you are using the computer for something else. When they realize what is happening, they will either be happy or sad.

If you are a member of an adult website, you might want to think about using one of these things to spy on your partner. This is because it will give you an idea of what she’s doing and how she’s feeling, and it can really help you figure out what she likes, doesn’t like, and how she interacts with her friends.

As mentioned earlier, you should never get a live cam that is not new. It will give you the best experience.

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China steps up censorship of foreign films https://integer-software.co.uk/china-steps-up-censorship-of-foreign-films/ https://integer-software.co.uk/china-steps-up-censorship-of-foreign-films/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:34:09 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/china-steps-up-censorship-of-foreign-films/

The China Film Administration (CFA) has ordered a second review of the censorship of previously approved films after a racism scandal caused the video game adaptation “Monster Hunters” to be removed from theaters, according to a Thursday report from the Hollywood Reporter.

A 10-second scene in the film showed Asian-American actor MC Jin referring to his knees as “Chi-nese,” an apparent reference to the racist playground rhyme used to insult Americans. Asian origin.

“Monster Hunters”, along with Milla Jovovich, were expected to do well in China. It is based on a hugely popular Capcom video game in the country, and other video game adaptations such as “Resident Evil,” also starring Jovovich, have seen great success in China.

After the controversy caused by the film, sources in Beijing told The Hollywood Reporter that the CFA had stepped up its censorship process.

The outlet notes that the biggest film affected by this change is the Japanese “Demon Slayer,” which has already earned nearly $ 300 million worldwide and is slated to be a blockbuster in China.

The film shouldn’t have a hard time passing a second round of review, the reporter notes, but the process is likely to delay its release for at least a month. Chinese regulators do not allow foreign films to open during the Chinese New Year holiday period, which means “Demon Slayer” may have to wait until February to release.

High-quality pirated copies will likely be available by then, so the film’s overall revenue could be severely affected by this change in schedule.

The reporter notes that Beijing’s censorship had started to rise to levels not seen even before the controversy sparked by “Monster Hunter”, with Chinese filmmakers having to republish their recent works due to sudden changes in censorship.

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Helicopters over downtown Washington protests: a low-level ‘show of force’ https://integer-software.co.uk/helicopters-over-downtown-washington-protests-a-low-level-show-of-force/ https://integer-software.co.uk/helicopters-over-downtown-washington-protests-a-low-level-show-of-force/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:34:09 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/helicopters-over-downtown-washington-protests-a-low-level-show-of-force/

By Alex Horton, Andrew Ba Tran, Aaron Steckelberg and John Muyskens

Washington post

WASHINGTON – Surrounded by police on all sides, Camellia Magness feared the military helicopter descending on downtown Washington could trigger a final attack on protesters.

It was June 1, nearly three hours after federal police in riot gear charged largely peaceful protesters as they gathered near the White House to protest the murder of George Floyd. Magness and others had lingered downtown after the 7 p.m. curfew.

Military helicopters flew above their heads, appearing to follow their movements. But shortly before 10 p.m., a Black Hawk swept through protesters in Chinatown and held its position, producing gusts that smashed thick tree branches and swirled the air with bursts of dust and shattered glass, sending many people running for cover in panic and confusion.

“I thought they were going to land,” said Magness, 24, fearing the soldiers would spill over and force protesters into waves of police.

The Washington Post reconstructed the movements of the two District of Columbia Army National Guard helicopters that were almost always hovering above protesters in Chinatown that night, using data, flight tracking images and videos.

One of the helicopters fell to an estimated height of 45 feet, according to a 3D model created by The Post.

That altitude meant the helicopter, a Lakota painted with the red cross of a medical evacuation plane, was below the height of taller buildings nearby, according to the analysis.

On the streets, the maneuvers created wind speeds equivalent to a tropical storm, according to calculations by aerospace engineers who reviewed the Post’s data.

The two helicopters flew over the protesters for a combined 10 minutes, first one then the other, as the protesters took cover.

The maneuvers – which did not appear to result in any reported injuries – were a surreal coda to a day of protests in Washington after the police murder of Floyd in Minneapolis that stunned human rights groups, experts in military law and former pilots, who described them as a show of force most commonly used to disperse civilians in war zones.

DC Guard officials, who opened an investigation into the incident, declined to discuss the altitude of the helicopter, whether senior officers ordered the low-level flight tactics, whether the pilots had received unclear indications of their mission or whether pilots were grounded during an examination.

“It was clear that they were trying to intimidate us,” Magness said.

Magness and her roommate arrived in downtown Baltimore around 7 p.m., after law enforcement had previously used chemicals, smoke and batons to clear the streets outside the White House to for President Donald Trump to walk around Lafayette Square for a photo op.

Previously, the president berated local and state leaders as “weak” for not doing more to quell the unrest, and he pledged decisive action. “We’re going to do something that people have never seen before,” he said, “but you have to have total domination, then you have to put them in jail.”

Magness and her roommate, Dzhuliya Dashtamirova, 22, fell into a crowd near the White House, meandering east on U Street near the convention center before heading south into Chinatown.

Along the way, there were members of the National Guard and law enforcement everywhere they looked, the women said – including the sky.

At least nine planes were on top, according to publicly available flight tracking data. At least three were DC Guard helicopters.

DC Guard helicopters typically hovered hundreds of feet above the city, The Post found, except for the intense nearly 10 minutes captured in numerous videos when a pair dove low, beating protesters with the rush of air from the rotating blades, known as the rotor wash. .

The Black Hawk and Lakota departed Fort Belvoir, Virginia just after 9:30 p.m. Fifteen minutes later, the Lakota roared past the Lincoln Memorial at about 460 feet and east above the mall at about 72 mph. These calculations used signals tracked from helicopter transponders from the ADS-B Exchange flight tracking website.

Magness and Dashtamirova were convinced the Black Hawk was going to land directly on the street.

“We were all distracted and vulnerable,” Magness said. The rotor wash ripped off the face masks and blew torrents of branches and leaves across the street before moving up west.

Broken car windows and storefronts littered the ground, lashing protesters with tree branches and trash, videos and interviews. Dirt and sand collect in the mouth. Anyone without glasses had a hard time keeping their eyes open. The roar of the blades was deafening.

To calculate the approximate elevation of the Lakota, The Post used geospatial data, building elevations, street widths, and measurements of other street objects to create an accurate scale model of the intersection. He also used metadata from a photograph of the helicopter taken at 10:03 p.m. in the same location to further construct the 3D environment.

Sam Ward stood on 5th Street NW and watched the Lakota blast nearby trees in a frenzy.

“It was pretty wild, and it sure looked like they were using it as a bullying tactic,” said Ward, 27.

The descent of the Lakota was different, Dashtamirova said. She and Magness no longer believed the helicopters would land but interpreted the actions as targeted efforts to disperse the remaining protesters.

The two women fled the area and walked to the home of Dashtamirova’s boyfriend, three kilometers away.

“The army was not there to protect our rights,” Dashtamirova said. “It was the opposite.”

In the following days, the DC National Guard opened an investigation into the use of its aircraft assets as lawmakers and district officials decried the maneuvers.

“It was a potentially very dangerous fear tactic aimed at intimidating the residents of DC,” Mayor Muriel Bowser, D, said at a press conference two days after the June 1 incident. “And it was totally inappropriate in an urban setting.”

District officials were not warned that the helicopters would arrive and use such tactics, according to an official familiar with the events who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

“I was appalled to see our military use low-flying Black Hawk and Lakota helicopters as a show of force to intimidate peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights in our nation’s capital,” said Senator Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., A former black Hawk Pilot who served in Iraq, said in a statement.

“Using these helicopters in this way violates everything I learned in my military training and many FAA restrictions aimed at keeping Americans safe.”

Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy has cleared the use of helicopters, he said on a call with reporters on June 7. demonstrators ”and provide all the necessary medical support.

But using a helicopter’s rotor wash is a common military tactic to incite fear, disperse crowds and warn of other abilities, like rockets and guns, said Kyleanne Hunter, a former pilot. of the Marine Corps, which flew Cobra attack helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Black Hawk’s rotor wash produced gusts estimated at 54 mph, while the Lakota had an estimated rotor wash of 48 mph, according to Atanu Halder, an aerospace engineering researcher at Texas A&M University. . The estimates reflect a median value within a range that would vary depending on the weight of the fuel and the personnel on board.

This force was strong enough to break a thick tree branch outside the National Portrait Gallery, a Smithsonian official said. The tree was then cut down and removed by the city.

The helicopter maneuvers, especially with the red cross displayed, drew rebuke from military law experts, who said the use of the emblem was carefully regulated due to its global symbolism of mercy.

“It was a crazy decision,” said Geoffrey Corn, a former military attorney and professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston. “The symbolic meaning of the red cross is omnipresent: it denotes a ‘non-combat’ function of the armed forces.”

Eric Hildebrandt, a former Army helicopter pilot who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and flew Black Hawks and Lakota, said the helicopters in Washington were far too low for what is needed to spot d ‘at the top and could have observed the crowds without diving below 200 feet. .

“It was pretty irresponsible,” said Hildebrandt, admitting he didn’t know what the pilots were ordered to do.

Flying at such low altitudes deprives pilots of many safety options in the event of an engine failure or malfunction.

Pilots train for such events, including a scenario for the Lakota losing one of its twin engines. A pilot would point the nose down to gain speed at the expense of altitude in order to make the single engine more efficient.

But at the Lakota’s estimated altitudes, “they would have maybe 2-3 seconds to figure out what was wrong, react appropriately, and adjust the flight controls to save the aircraft and the crew.”

Two to three seconds, he said, “could still be generous.”

It is not known why medical evacuation helicopters would be chosen to fly. The helicopters were not on a medical mission, Defense Secretary Mark Esper admitted in a June 3 briefing.

The use of medevac helicopters for non-medical missions is carefully considered, said Hildebrandt, who flew medevac helicopters at the Army Training Center in Fort Irwin, Calif. They are only allowed to carry medical supplies and medical personnel, he said, even in the training scenarios.

Seeing them hover over the protesters, he said, left him “quite shocked and horrified.”

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White woman tried to colonize Donald Glovers ‘This is America’ and her trashy video is all wrong with white feminism https://integer-software.co.uk/white-woman-tried-to-colonize-donald-glovers-this-is-america-and-her-trashy-video-is-all-wrong-with-white-feminism/ https://integer-software.co.uk/white-woman-tried-to-colonize-donald-glovers-this-is-america-and-her-trashy-video-is-all-wrong-with-white-feminism/#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:34:09 +0000 https://integer-software.co.uk/white-woman-tried-to-colonize-donald-glovers-this-is-america-and-her-trashy-video-is-all-wrong-with-white-feminism/


In today’s edition of “Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?” we will (quickly) examine the epic failure that is This is America: Women Edit.

After the viral success of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”, desperate YouTuber and alleged comedian, Nicole Arbor decided to deflect the honest discussions Americans were having about the raw visual, in order to draw attention to herself. .

Wrapping up in the shaky excuse of empowering women, she followed in the footsteps of her appropriating blonde colleague Taylor Swift and used a moment of black excellence as a fun way to play victim and flaunt an anemic version of what we can only assume she thinks she is. Style.”

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This is all so downright bad, for a short second I was sure it was meant to be funny. But a quick Google search revealed that Arbor had seriously posted this idea that she would create intelligent dialogue.

The range of awkwardly referenced topics in the lackluster remake include feminist buzzwords such as: beauty standards, the pay gap, rape, and a random ‘boob’ scream.

The Fela-inspired body contortions that initially gave a clever nod to the Jim Crow era are now gone and are replaced by soulless body gyrations that resemble a drunk sorority doing her best Eminem imitation at karaoke.

And all the women of color who thought it would be a good idea to take part in this dumpster fire are getting my biggest sideways look to let themselves be used as blatant visual diversity tokens.

I’m going to keep this real with you guys, this video isn’t worth the kind of serious analysis I would normally give to an artist’s attempts to make a social comment trash video"}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}”>trash video. Especially because there is no artist in sight and the comment that is pushed to us is basically just a copy and paste of the pseudo-deep inspirational posts that you will find on the Instagram account of the most basic Becky.

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What makes this clip (barely) remarkable is the childish joy and unattached entitlement that Arbor clearly felt as he conceptualized and then actually produced this hot mess. It shows all that is wrong with white and legitimate feminism why women of color, especially black women, find themselves cautious when forging some sort of fellowship movement with our melanin deficient allies.

Donald Glover created a piece that was meant to cast an unfailing gaze into the dark abyss and reflect upon us the evasion, brutality and racism that we have all been seduced to accept as normal.

He had diapers, and at the very least deserved to be shown a minimum respect because of the severity of the topics discussed and the communities it highlighted.

Anyone with even an ounce of self-awareness would have walked lightly.

But as usual, traditional white feminists believe that having a vagina alone makes their voice worthy of being interjected into discussions on…. all. They fail to recognize that the intersections of culture and race create spaces where even they have to shut up for once and listen.

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Nicole Arbor is nothing but an attention-hungry social media influencer who wishes she had the same publicist as Tomi Lahren. His dull mark of “Look at me!” I am a provocative white girl! antics are well documented at this point, especially after she went viral for her parody of Dear Whites, a Netflix film and series about the complexities of racism on American campuses. Arbor’s raw reinterpretation has been named ‘Dear fat people‘and used to give it a platform to shame overweight people.

At the time, she claimed that she was exercising her rights as a forward-thinking comic. But the last time I checked, cutting-edge comedy is meant to be both smart and funny; two things that I am beginning to think are tragically beyond his reach.

A note to any white person reading this who thinks they are dangerous and bad for talking about race or appropriating black culture without “any excuse”: What you are doing is not that new and it is. what your ancestors did for generations. You build your dreams on the back of black labor.

Instead of wearing pink cat hats on the marches and giving flowery speeches that ‘race is just a social construct’, I would respect you more if you just admitted that you are still pissed off that you can’t. touching our hair or saying the n-word (in public) without risking a downcast repair style.

And yes, that applies to you even if you call yourself a feminist.

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