Historical Portraits in Fine Oil on Crumpled Garbage by Kim Alsbrooks

Art #The painting #portraits #waste #video June 9, 2014 Christopher Jobson Philadelphia Artist Kim alsbrooks recreates historic oil portraits on flattened beer cans and fast food containers. Entitled “My family of white trash cansThe series was conceived while Alsbrook lived in the south and found himself grappling with mainstream class …

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Austin man builds junk cathedral

Art Documentary #installation #recycling #waste #video September 20, 2012 Christopher Jobson This is a fascinating and touching glimpse into an on-going art installation by an Austin, Texas resident. Vince Hannemann (aka the Junk King) who since 1989 has been collecting thousands of abandoned objects and transforming them into a gigantic …

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I love New York – TV – Review

“I Love New York,” the VH1 reality show on which men with nicknames vie for the favor of a woman known as New York, only started last week. But oh, the downloadable moments – they’re already stacking up. First there was a cat call that doubled as a case for …

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