Transforming the learning experience in Rajasthan

Share Tweet Share Share 🔊 Listen to this article “Project Utkarsh” and “e-Gyankendra” are the two projects which have won praise from the government of Rajasthan. While the first project aims to bring qualitative change in mass school education through technology and a quiz-based learning system, the second, developed by …

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Austin man builds junk cathedral

Art Documentary #installation #recycling #waste #video September 20, 2012 Christopher Jobson This is a fascinating and touching glimpse into an on-going art installation by an Austin, Texas resident. Vince Hannemann (aka the Junk King) who since 1989 has been collecting thousands of abandoned objects and transforming them into a gigantic …

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I love New York – TV – Review

“I Love New York,” the VH1 reality show on which men with nicknames vie for the favor of a woman known as New York, only started last week. But oh, the downloadable moments – they’re already stacking up. First there was a cat call that doubled as a case for …

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