Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro only $ 15 and great deals on cdkoffers

Here we are again with our usual meeting with offers on the CDKoffers software. For those who are immersed in reading the article for the first time, let’s briefly explain what it is. We partner with CDKoffers to offer its users a discount on purchasing essential software for their PC, …

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Unable to start your camera, error 0xa00f4246 on Windows 10

Having to deal with errors on different Windows 10 apps and settings is a huge commonality. One of the most frequently reported errors regarding integrated and externally installed webcams on Windows computers is Error 0xa00f4246 (0x800706BE). The prompt for this error appears whenever the preinstalled webcam of an affected computer …

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What is Safe Mode in Windows 10?

Safe Mode is a built-in Windows feature, but when should you use it? It wouldn’t be wrong to say that despite its dominance in the desktop operating system market, the Windows environment still has a bad reputation for its performance. It crashes, gets terribly buggy after updates, and is the …

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