Celonis acquires Lenses.io, launches Execution Graph

Process extraction company Celonis acquired Lenses.io and launched the Celonis Execution Graph, which tracks processes across systems and how they connect.

Celonis recently raised $ 1 billion in venture capital to expand its Execution Management System (EMS). The Series D round valued Celonis at over $ 11 billion. EMS manages and optimizes business processes across multiple systems, devices, and edge applications. Celonis has systems for Salesforce and SAP as well as tailor-made platforms for accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, and order and inventory management. Customers include AXA, Cisco, Deloitte, Hitachi, and Whirlpool to name a few.

According to co-CEO Alex Rinke, the idea behind Celonis is that companies run only a fraction of the data available.

The purchase of Lenses.io will bring real-time streaming data tools to Celonis. Lenses.io will bring real-time data to business execution and apply it to day-to-day operations. Lenses.io offers developer experience for any Apache Kafka deployment, including monitoring, observability, data governance, security, and application development.

Celonis Execution Graph gives businesses a complete picture of processes and how they influence each other through the company’s multiple event log. Celonis Execution Graph will provide a visualization and mapping tool to accompany EMS. Constellation Research Director Ray Wang has argued that enterprise graphics such as Celonis Execution Graph will be the next battleground for enterprise software.


Key points of the Celonis execution chart:

  • Celonis Execution Graph will provide information about the interconnected processes in an ecosystem.
  • Celonis Multi Event Log powers the execution graph and provides a tool to identify sticking points in interconnected processes.
  • Celonis Signal Link is another technology that powers the Celonis Execution Graph. Signal Link allows companies to connect events from different processes.

In addition, Celonis presented a partnership with Conexiom, an order and invoice automation company. Conexiom will be integrated into Celonis’ SME. Celonis and Conexiom will launch a joint product called Touchless Order Capture in Celonis EMS.

Here is an overview of the Celonis execution management system architecture.


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