Channel Bytes June 10, 2022 – Microsoft Reorganizes HoloLens Group; BlackBerry improves its partner program; ConnectWise Partners on Cyber ​​Insurance for MSPs; and more

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Advantech and Actility Launch Joint Solution to Deploy Enterprise LoRaWAN IoT Networks

Advantech and Actility announced the launch of a new joint solution for deploying and managing private LoRaWAN networks at customer premises, combining Advantech IPC with integrated Actility software. The Edge Solution-Ready package consists of the next generation of Advantech’s UNO-2000 industrial embedded automation computers with a pre-installed version of the Actility LoRaWAN network server, ThingPark Enterprise, for configuration at the customer’s location. The fully on-site installation ensures continuity of service that is not dependent on Internet access and facilitates compliance with the strict end-to-end security policies of industrial sites. It can interconnect with other on-premises private LoRaWAN networks, ThingPark Enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud networks, or public LPWAN networks via standard LoRaWAN peering and roaming. The software is pre-installed under a rolling 3-month trial license.

The Apache Software Foundation announces Apache AGE as a high-level project

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 open source projects and initiatives, has announced Apache AGE as a Top Level Project (TLP). Apache AGE (“A Graph Extension”) is a PostgreSQL extension that adds graph query functionality to PostgreSQL. Using the Cypher query language according to the openCypher specification, users can access, store and query graph data using PostgreSQL, read and write nodes and edges stored in Postgres, as well as use various algorithms such than traversing edges of variable length to analyze the data. by age. It can also perform hybrid queries, which use both openCypher and SQL and allow data to move between the regular relational database and the graphical representation provided by AGE.

AGE is used by a variety of user organizations, including government agencies, research and educational institutes, and utility providers, among others.

Microsoft reorganizes the HoloLens group

Microsoft has announced that it is reorganizing its HoloLens group, according to a company statement, “to accelerate business growth, strengthen leadership capabilities, and further align Microsoft’s work on the Metaverse with the ‘coming”. Mixed reality hardware teams (IVAS and HoloLens) will join the Windows + Devices organization, and mixed reality presence and collaboration teams will join the Teams organization. HoloLens boss Alex Kipman, who was recently reeling from allegations of inappropriate behavior and a toxic environment on his team, will leave the company after spending two months helping with the transition.

BlackBerry Helps Channel Partners Tap the Booming Market for Managed Security Services

BlackBerry announced a number of enhancements to the BlackBerry Partner Program to help Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) meet the growing demand from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for extended detection and response services ( XDR) managed 24/7/365, a market which industry experts expect to grow from US$22.45 billion in 2020 to US$77.01 billion in 2030.

Improvements include:

  • Better cybersecurity protection for customers and more to sell – New products and services are now available for MSSPs, including CylanceGUARD, CylancePERSONA and CylanceGATEWAY.
  • Increased support and alignment of salespeople in the field – Committed to significantly increase the size of the BlackBerry distribution team, doubling the number of employees in roles such as partner management, customer success and channel activation to ensure partners have the technical and sales support to compete and win in the crowded EDR/XDR market. BlackBerry also introduced vendor compensation on MSSP offerings to encourage field alignment and to adopt MSSPs as a critical route to market.
  • A more complete training – New BlackBerry Cyber ​​Security Administrator (BCSA) technical training – for MSSPs who will configure, manage and troubleshoot BlackBerry UES products.
  • Marketing incentives – Expanded “Protect and Earn” partner incentive program that rewards MSSPs for discovering and closing clean new BlackBerry logos. Partners earn cash rewards that are determined by the total contract value of the qualifying closed deal, with no limit
  • New rates – New flexible licensing and pricing options designed to match how MSSPs treat their customers.
  • New support focused on the MSSP in the development of partner companies, including demand generation and sales support through proposal-based marketing funds, case studies, strategic Go-To-Market engagement and access to internal sales resources.

DigiCert Acquires DNS Made Easy

DigiCert, Inc., a global provider of digital trust, announced that it has acquired DNS Made Easy, a global provider of managed domain name system (DNS) services for enterprises, and its affiliate brands, including Constellix. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. This expands DigiCert’s digital trust portfolio to include managed DNS services with one of the fastest DNS response times and global availability. It also enables DigiCert and its reseller partners to offer customers a seamless approach to certificate lifecycle management, including more efficient domain control validation, an integrated DNS and certificate experience, and DNS configuration. simplified.

ConnectWise Announces Cyber ​​Insurance Partnership to Help MSPs

At its cybersecurity conference focused on management service providers (MSPs), IT Nation Secure, ConnectWise unveiled a new partnership between ConnectWise, ControlCase and Fifthwall Solutions to provide education, automation and pricing needed to help MSPs prepare and obtain insurance, eliminating dozens of steps they and their customers would otherwise have to take. Specifically, ControlCase created a ConnectWise Manage application that guides the MSP through a cybersecurity assessment. When partners and customers are ready, Fifthwall Solutions is then available to provide insurance quotes from over 35 providers.

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