Clean install and convert M.2 SSD from MBR to GPT

Hi everyone! First time posting here. Apologies if this is in the wrong place – I wasn’t sure if I should post here or in the material.

Background: I have Win 10 Home 64 bit, MSI MPG X570 Gaming Mobo, and just bought a brand new SN850 M.2 2TB SSD. The SSD is the problem. I wanted to transfer all data from my existing 500GB Evo 860 SSD (SATA connection) and another old fashioned 1TB HHD to my new 2TB M.2 SSD and use my M.2 as a drive main for everything, including the operating system. I first tried to create a system image of my Evo 860 drive using Windows Recovery which contained my operating system and 400 GB of additional data, but long story short it didn’t work . I then used Macrium to clone my Evo 860 to my SN850 which worked fine except it formatted the SN850 as an MBR drive and rendered the excess storage unusable (about 1.5TB or so). I’ve been looking for ways to convert my MBR to GPT so I can use that leftover storage, like using MBR2GPT, but I’d rather start from scratch at this point. I then tried using the Windows Installation Media Creation Tool to create a USB Windows Installation Media and reinstalled a clean copy, which I did, but two issues remained: the 400 GB of Data I cloned is stuck in Windows.old folder (can I just delete that folder and voila?) and it’s still in MBR format – I really want it in GPT.

tldr: How do I perform a clean install of Windows on an M.2 drive and make sure it’s configured as GPT, since it’s already an MBR drive? I don’t need to keep any existing files that are on the drive (it’s already backed up elsewhere) – I just want it cleaned up like the brand new drive it was a few days ago before I don’t spoil it all. Everything is already saved or still stored on my 2 other disks that I will just keep as storage/backup.

Thank you all for your help ! It was frustrating a few days after going through the procedures and asking for advice on the forums, I’m hoping that just wiping and doing a fresh install will be the final fix.

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Steven L. Nielsen