Computer won’t turn on – Windows 10 support

I’m trying to see if I can fix my friends’ PC. I have limited repair material.

When you press the power switch, nothing happens. No light comes on, no fan is spinning.

I have checked the power supply and all 24 pins on the motherboard have the correct voltage.

When I short-circuit the live and ground pins of the 24-pin cable, the RGB fans start.

I traded in some parts of a working PC so I know the RAM and SSD are working.

The PC does not emit any sound. There is no start, it remains dead.

I thought this was the actual power button, because when I measured the resistance of the power wire when the button is pressed, it went from open circuit to closed and then back to open every time the button is pressed. once it has been pressed.

But I realized that the power button can only be used to initially start the PC and after that the power is controlled in another way. After all, when you turn off the PC, you don’t need to press the power button again. Windows software does this one way or another.

So I think this secondary power on feature is the cause of the fault. Hence the system boots after momentarily pressing the power button. But I don’t know where it is or how it works. Is there a way to test and / or repair it or is it part of the motherboard?

Any help appreciated.

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Steven L. Nielsen