DevOps Engineer (G2023) at Mediro ICT

This is a long-term fixed contract until December 2024 (3 years)

You will work on a hybrid work model that allows for 2/3 day remote work and office rotations for the rest of the week.

  • Lead with technical team members, system analysis, design, development and testing for assigned technical products or applications within the context of an agile/DevOps delivery model. Focus on automating environments, infrastructure, build and deployment pipelines.
  • Maintain, create and configure new development tools and frameworks for on-premises and cloud platforms.
  • Automate infrastructure maintenance and patch management.
  • Work on ways to automate and improve development and release processes.
  • Work with QA engineers to create disposable test environment and automated tests.
  • Work with QA engineers to ensure systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats.
  • Work with software developers and software engineers to ensure development follows established processes and works as expected.
  • Improve code integration between teams.
  • Provide middleware support and configuration management for application-dependent software i.e. web servers, Java, Docker.
  • Build tools to reduce error occurrences and improve developer and customer experience.
  • Develop scripts/monitoring to analyze and visualize important metrics on development processes.
  • Develop scripts/monitoring to analyze and visualize important reliability and availability metrics.
  • Support operational excellence objectives through a strong knowledge of operations. Resolve escalated support topics as part of the Level 3 DevOps role to ensure the highest availability of critical applications.
  • Plan and execute the upgrade of existing apps, tools, and features. Build solutions and resolve issues using a cloud-native toolchain to ensure world-class availability and business agility.

Minimum requirements

  • Operating systems: strong skills in Linux, CRON and Unix file systems
  • Languages: batch and shell scripts
  • CI/CD: version control, automation of the build and deployment pipeline (Bamboo, GitHub Actions or Jenkins)
  • Infrastructure: Familiar with Cloud AWS or AZURE
  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform or Ansible or Cloud Formation
  • Security: Keys, Certificates and Secrets Management
  • Monitoring: AppDynamics or Dynatrace
  • Log management alert: ELK Stack or Splunk, Nagios
  • Application server: Glassfish, Glassfish Micro.
  • Scheduling: e.g. ControlM, AWS Batch, Informatica ETL.
  • Web server: Apache
  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Incident-problem management: ITSM Suite / BMC Remedy

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