Discovery of a Windows 1.0 Easter egg with the founder of Valve

Windows 1.0 was released in 1985, but it took until 2022 to discover one of its Easter eggs.

As reported by XDA Developers, the discovery was made by self-proclaimed Windows fan Lucas Brooks, who shared the Easter egg via a Tweeter. This is just a drop-down list of people who worked on Windows 1.0 at Microsoft, but we have to remember that this is an Easter egg from 37 years ago.

One name you might be surprised to see on this list is Gabe Newell, who founded Valve in 1996. Newell left Harvard University to work at Microsoft in 1983 and spent the next 13 years there. He was a producer on the first three versions of Windows, hence the inclusion of his name in this list.

In case you have a working copy of Windows 1.0 running, revealing the easter egg is difficult and requires patching some binaries. The reason it took so long to find out is because the list is so well hidden (inside a bitmap of a smiley face), and apparently no one has been able to find a copy of the system. operating in the mid-80’s.

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Is this the last Windows 1.0 Easter egg? Based on how well this one was hidden, it’s impossible to say. Maybe someone on this team list could reveal if there are any others.

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