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Search engine provider DuckDuckGo now offers its browser for Mac devices. After the program was already available for iOS and Android, a beta version for macOS is currently being tested. The app will also be available for Windows PCs at a later date. While many macOS browsers rely on the Chromium engine, the Mac version of the DuckDuckGo browser uses Apple’s WebKit engine.

Among other things, this has the advantage that the browser works very quickly and Chrome is superior when it comes to displaying graphics-intensive pages. DuckDuckGo comes with many privacy settings enabled by default. Using a fire button, it is possible to delete information with a single click. DuckDuckGo is of course selected as the default search engine.

No support for extensions

If you want to use the privacy-focused browser, keep in mind that the app currently doesn’t support an extension. The developers point out that the most popular add-ons are password managers and ad blockers. Both features are already included in the browser, so no extension is needed. Additionally, add-ons can affect data protection, security, and program performance.

DuckDuckGo plans to offer extensions later without compromising browser benefits. Currently, Mac versions of the DuckDuckGo browser are not yet publicly available. The application is tested under a beta program. Registration is required to participate in the beta. With this, DuckDuckGo wants to prevent too many users from trying out the browser in order to respond more accurately to feedback from testers.

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