Free art lessons for young people are all about Ubuntu

Ubuntu means humanity or can refer to someone who behaves well towards others or acts in a way that benefits the community. This is exactly what Ubuntu Creative and Cultural Assemble does in the eMalahleni community.

The organization is based in the civic theater and its main focus is young people, although anyone of any age is welcome. They offer free lessons in acting, poetry, dance, singing and arts – fine and visual arts.

“We provide a safe platform or space for people to learn about different skills and we are also a casting agent. Emerging artists have an opportunity in the entertainment industry. Our classes are held at the Civic Theater, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we welcome everyone with open arms,” said Assistant Secretary Megan Rupping.

The long-term goal of the organization is to empower the local community in the arts and exhibit them as well as create employment opportunities.

The organization will hold its first showcase on May 5, 6 and 7 at the theatre.

The sale of times and tickets is still to be confirmed.

The organization is also concerned about the ever-increasing number of young people involved in drugs, alcohol abuse and crime.

They want to change all that and get all the kids off the streets and into the industry.

“We want to give people a home to show off their talents and improve social cohesion in the city. Our art instructors are well trained professionals in different fields and we want to uplift the community in arts and culture. We want to revive the spirit of arts and culture in the city as we believe all is not lost,” Rupping added.

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