Free BLEASS Monolit Mono Synthesizer for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad

It’s free, light, simple and clean, but don’t get me wrong. Monolit can go big with sound, with FM, massive unison up to 7 voices, filter control and lots of modulation.

BLEASS has been a fast favorite on iOS with minimalist, easy-to-read, touch-enabled user interfaces. These also translate quite well to the desktop, especially if your eyes need a break from skeuomorphism. BLEASS Monolith is a good everyday mono synthesizer. And it’s not just a Minimoog clone or something; you get a versatile and modern digital instrument for free.

The developers also wish everyone a happy Fête de la Musique. So grab the iOS version or a laptop with a decent battery and go have some fun with it! To see friends!

To help you do just that, there’s even a dice tool to randomize settings, tuned to give you musical results only. (For true randomization, have your cat walk the iPad.)


  • Two continuously variable waveform oscillators (pulse / tri / saw + noise on OSC 1)
  • FM (osc 1, 2 or both) with its own oscillator source (also sine/tri/saw/square)
  • Vibrato, glide, all adjustable, with retrig option
  • Unison with up to 7 simultaneous voices and detuning control
  • Modulation with routing and mod/slide/pressure controls (like I said, useful for jamming)
  • Built-in Arp (same)
  • Multimode filter with slope and drive controls
  • LFO with selectable shape and modulation target, free or synchronized

Not too shabby – what you need for a lot of jobs, no more, no less.

Available now for direct download (macOS/Windows) and on the App Store (iOS).

AAS, VST3, AU, 64-bit, yes of course, native Apple Silicon M1/M2 support.

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Steven L. Nielsen