Get This 5-Star Virtualization Software Tool for a Low Price During Prime Day

For Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, Parallels Desktop lets you run full versions of Windows 11 and other operating systems on your computer. During Prime Day, you can get a one-year Parallels Desktop subscription for just $60 or $20 off the regular price. A Pro version is also available for $25 off the regular price. The software earned a rare 5/5 star rating when it was released last fall.

First introduced in 2006 and updated regularly, Parallels Desktop is the most popular virtualization software for Mac users. This version, #17, is the best yet and works with macOS Monterey and Windows 11.

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Parallels 17 | up to 25% off

Whether your macOS or Mac version, Parallels Desktop 17 is definitely the virtualization tool for you. As you can see from this Parallels Desktop 17 review, it’s the best version in the business.

From $59.95 on Amazon

Parallels Desktop 17 Review Source: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore

Parallels 17 lets you seamlessly run Windows apps and games side-by-side with macOS apps without restarting your computer. Optimized for macOS Monterey and Windows 11, the software lets you run multiple operating systems simultaneously, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. The Pro version is intended for developers, testers and power users.

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