Gigabyte servers will be certified for use with Ubuntu Server

gigabyte announced a partnership with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, which will see its server hardware receive certification to properly run Ubuntu Server. The certification will allow customers to reliably install Ubuntu Server on Gigabyte hardware and allow Gigabyte to provide better support to end users.

Ubuntu Server is one of the most popular operating systems to install on server hardware. By ensuring its hardware is compatible with Ubuntu Server, it’s likely that Gigabyte will receive more customization. Unlike desktop systems, where Windows dominates, Linux dominates on servers. One of the most popular Linux server distributions is Ubuntu Server, so this certification reader is important.

Explaining what needs to be done to be certified, Gigabyte said:

“To receive Canonical’s certification, systems must meet a number of performance and reliability criteria. Hardware and operating system testing ensures compatibility with the Ubuntu Server operating system for the two most recent versions of Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS). It should be possible to provision the server with a metal-as-a-service (MAAS) operating system to turn bare metal into an elastic cloud-like resource. Additional criteria cover stress testing, network bandwidth, and storage I/O testing.

As servers are certified, they will be added to a list of devices on the Ubuntu websiteGigabyte said if customers want specific servers certified, they can get in touch directly through

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Steven L. Nielsen