Have South Africans lost their mojo?

We asked you, our Cape{town} Etc family, how you would spend your 67 minutes this Mandela Day. And your answers left us with little more than lamentable, writes Adrienne Bredeveldt.

  • “Nothing to celebrate!! SA was destroyed by the ANC!!!
  • “Celebrating what??? The fact that the current government made him turn in his grave?? Why bother!”
  • “This day is no longer relevant to me”
  • “Never will ever, celebrate an ANC puppet”
  • “What’s there to celebrate. The beginning of the destruction of a beautiful land.
  • “Let the sleeping dogs lie… the soul of the country bleeds!”

This begs the question… have we become a kindness-hardened nation?

South Africans have had to bear the burden and pay the price for a government that clearly cannot run the country at all, let alone run it effectively. Corruption and inadequacies are in endless supply.

“The fish rots from the head” never made more sense than that faithful June morning when the news broke to all South Africans of the existence of our leader, Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala Farm Scandal. The country is still eagerly waiting for Ramaphosa to explain why he had millions of dollars stashed away in furniture on his game farm.

Yes, we are ruled by a kakistocracy and of all the many catastrophic disasters that shape our daily lives, the most disturbing would be the utter disregard and failure to uplift South Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Our degenerative government led by President Cupcake has made us a kindness-hardened nation at a time when our country needs kindness the most.

Ubuntu means “I am because you are”.

South Africa today is not what Nelson Mandela had in mind when he fought and sacrificed his life for democracy and equality.

As South Africans, we need to reclaim our spirit of Ubuntu and live it in our everyday lives. We all have the ability to help and bring about positive change for someone in need, let our hearts not be blackened by our incompetent leaders, this is not a true reflection of our South African spirit.

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