How to Create Custom Shortcut Comment Popup Descriptions in Windows 10

Here’s how to change the location information you see when you hover over shortcuts in Windows.

A shortcut in Windows is a kind of link to a program, file or folder. So hovering your mouse over it, logically, shows you its target location on your computer. But if that’s too annoying, you can create a custom comment popup description to appear instead of the default location information provided by Windows.

Here we are going to show you how to customize shortcut comments in Windows. This will allow you to add a line telling the user what will happen if they click on the shortcut, or insert a description of the program, file or folder.

There is a very easy way to add a custom comment to your shortcuts in Windows. The comment you leave can take the form of a message to the user, a description of the shortcut, or even a fancy phrase. Here’s how.

  1. Navigate to the shortcut for which you want to edit or add a comment.
  2. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties box, in the Comment ground under the Shortcut tab, type the message you want to appear when you hover over the shortcut.
  4. Click on OKAY.

Refresh Windows File Explorer by pressing F5. Now when you hover over the shortcut, the custom comment you defined is displayed instead of the shortcut’s location information.

Note that you cannot apply this trick to files and folders. These steps will only work with shortcuts, but don’t worry; it’s easy to create shortcuts from anywhere in Windows.


Add your personality to your Windows machine

You can give your computer a unique and nuanced personal touch with small changes such as changing the contextual shortcut descriptions in Windows to have personalized shortcut comments. These are cosmetic changes you can make to Windows to infuse your computer with your personality.

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