How to Customize Your Dock on Mac


Mac Docks are like fingerprints: no two are the same. Or maybe they look more like faces: you might see one you recognize, but on closer inspection it’s different. Either way, you can customize your Dock on Mac to fix this problem.

Customizing your Mac Dock lets you set things exactly the way you want. You can move it around, resize it, fill it with useful apps, add apps that aren’t so useful, change its behavior, and more.

Let’s see how macOS lets you customize your Mac’s Dock to make it special.

How to Customize Your Mac Dock in macOS

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You can locate your Mac’s Dock settings in System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar.

When you load the preferences pane, you need to make sure you have selected Dock and menu bar in the side menu. You are now ready to start customizing.


Adjusting the Cut slider will do exactly what the setting implies and shrink or expand your Dock. You can perform the same action by clicking and holding the line that faintly separates apps from the Trash and dragging them toward or away from the Dock.

mac dock preferences
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A large Dock can be overwhelming and may not fit your screen well, especially if you have a smaller screen. But a small Dock can be hard to see and could end up being completely useless.


Light up Magnification expands your Dock when you place your cursor over it. The setting is ideal if you’ve opted for a smaller Dock to save space but don’t want to press your eyes against the screen to see which app you’re clicking on.

Position on screen

mac dock bottom location
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With this parameter you can change the position of your Dock either Left, LowWhere Law. Unfortunately, Apple stops short of giving you the top and middle options.

Maybe macOS should allow you to completely detach your Dock and put it wherever you want. This way, Apple Support can stay busy helping people locate their missing Docks.

Minimize the effect of windows

macos genius
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Changing this setting changes the behavior of windows when minimizing. the genius effect does as the name suggests and runs an animation that vaguely resembles a genie entering a bottle.

the Scale effect is less exciting and just minimizes the window to the Dock.

If your Mac is having performance issues, it’s best to go with the scale effect because the simple animation requires less resources to run.

Other Dock Preferences

Here is a list of other settings you can use to customize your Dock:

  • Double-click on the title bar of a window
  • Minimize windows in app icon
  • Animate opening apps
  • Automatically hide and show the Dock
  • Show indicators for open applications
  • Show recent apps in the Dock

Most of the parameters mentioned are self-explanatory and do not require any additional introduction. the hide and unhide automatically The option is probably the most notable feature. If your Dock embarrasses you, you can hide it so you only have to look at it when absolutely necessary.

Also, turn off Animate opening apps might give you a performance boost if you’re using an older Mac that has trouble keeping up with newer software.

Customize your Mac Dock to make it special

Once you’ve customized all the appropriate settings, your final step is to load your Dock with apps, folders, documents, and any other files you want to display.

Ideally, you should choose items that you use regularly. However, you can choose to decorate it only with pleasant elements to give you the most beautiful Dock in the city.

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