How-to: don’t programs open “stubbornly” on Windows 10? Discover 5 solutions to the problem

While many users do not feel, in the vast majority of cases, that there are major “pitfalls” in their Windows experience, sometimes there are frustrating issues where the solution does not seem obvious.

Let’s say you turn on your computer to start another day of work. However, when you try to use a certain program, it “refuses” to open it no matter how many times you click its icon. No one likes to be in such a situation: whether at work or abroad.

If you have ever performed a scan with the antivirus software that you have installed on your device and the possibility of certain malware infection is out of the equation, if you restart your computer, or even if you uninstall and reinstall the application in question and the problem persists, there are a few solutions you can try to reopen your programs.

Click on the images to see 5 ways to open “annoying” programs in Windows 10

Follow these steps:

1 – If the problem occurs with an app that you downloaded from the Microsoft Store, your best bet is to check if it is up to date. To do this, open the Microsoft Store, click Downloads & Updates, and then click Get Updates, which will automatically update the apps. Moreover, when you open the section, you will immediately be able to see which apps are available with updates.

2 – Regarding updates, checking if Windows 10 is up to date can also be helpful in solving the problem. To make sure your system is up to date, go to “Updates & Security” in the Windows Settings menu. If Windows Update is not “up to date”, your best bet is to update it.

3 – Try to check if the Windows Update service is running or not. To do this, you will first need to press the Windows key and R, to open the Run function, type services.msc in the search bar and then click Search.

4 – Scroll through the list of services until you find “Windows Update”. If you have no indication that it is running, right click on the option and select “Start.”

5 – You can also use Windows tools to troubleshoot issues with apps you downloaded from Microsoft Store. In the Updates and security section of Windows settings, go to Troubleshoot and select the Additional troubleshooting option.

6 – Once there, click on Windows Store Apps. Select the Run troubleshooting option by following the on-screen instructions.

7 – Have you tried all of the above options, but the programs still refuse to open? You should not rule out the possibility of some corrupted files. Open a command prompt, run it as administrator, and type sfc / scanow. Through this process, the system will scan the drive to identify corrupt files and attempt to recover them and provide a summary of all activities at the end.

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