How to install Budgie Desktop on AlmaLinux | Rocky Linux 8

Learn the steps to install the Budgie Desktop environment on Almalinux 8 and Rocky Linux 8 using the command terminal.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Linux operating system is that we can use several desktop user interfaces to choose from. This allows users to change and get whatever desktop interface they want. Well, Gnome is the most popular one which comes as default GUI in AlmaLinux and Rocky. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Few users want a lightweight device but with a nice, sleek and familiar look. If you are one of them, try the Budgie Desktop environment.

Budgie is a default GUI in Solus operating systems, an independent Linux. And Budgie is part of this project. However, since it is released under an open source license, we can install it on any popular Linux by adding a third-party repository or the base system repository.

Install the Budgie desktop environment on AlmaLinux | Rocky Linux 8 Server

The steps given here will be the same for both Server and Desktop versions of the AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux 8 / CentOS stream.

1. Requirements

Almalinux or Rocky Linux 8
At least one non-root sudo user
Terminal access
Active internet connection

2.Dnf Update

Before going any further and jumping into the steps to learn how to install Budgie on RedHat Linux. Let’s run the system update command first. To ensure that everything on our system is up to date.

sudo dnf update && sudo dnf upgrade

3. Enable EPEL Repository on Rocky or AlmaLinux

We need a few packages available in the popular EPEL (Extra Package for Enterprise Linux) repository for RedHat. Therefore, enable it on your system, if you haven’t already.

sudo dnf install epel-release -y

4. Activate PowerTools

We also need a PowerTools repository available by default on RedHat based system even on AlmaLinux and Rocky but not enabled. Therefore, we have to do it manually. It acts as a container for libraries and development tools. Run the given command:

sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools

5. Enable Budgie repository and dependencies

Unlike Ubuntu, packages to install Budgie are not available through AlmaLinux or Rocky’s default system repository. Therefore, we need to enable other repositories, which are – Fedora’s Corp repository known as stenstorp.

To obtain the dependencies required by the parakeet:

sudo dnf copr enable stenstorp/budgie-dependencies -y

To get the main package for installing this desktop environment:

sudo dnf copr enable stenstorp/budgie -y

Once you’ve added the repositories, run the system update command:

sudo dnf update -y

6. Install Budgie GUI on Almalinux or Rocky Linux 8

After adding the repository, we can use the default DNF system package manager to install all the required packages, including Budgie Desktop.

sudo dnf install budgie-desktop budgie-extras nautilus gnome-terminal gnome-system-monitor arc-theme arc-icon-theme gedit -y

If you are using a command line server without any desktop GUI pre-installed, such as Gnome on AlmaLinux or Rocky. Then also set the default GUI

sudo systemctl set-default

After that, reboot your system to apply the changes made during Budgie Desktop installation:

sudo reboot

7. Switch to the Budgie desktop environment

Those who don’t have a graphical desktop environment pre-installed automatically get the Budgie Desktop after installation. However, users who already have Gnome or any other desktop should select Budgie when logging into the system.

Select the user you want to connect with. Then click on the equipment icon and select “Budgie desk“. After that, enter your password

7. Screenshot of GUI on Almalinux or Rocky Linux 8

Budgie GUI on Almalinux Check server version


This way we can install Budgie Desktop Environment not only on Almalinux and Rocky but also on RedHat, CentOS and Oracle Linux. This gives users who don’t like Gnome and are looking for a lightweight desktop UI with a good UI and simple elements.

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