How to make video with pictures and music on Windows 10 PC

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Check out how to make video with pictures and music on Windows 10 PC

Maybe a special day is just around the corner and you want to highlight it by trying something completely different. If you want to make a video, good idea! But can you really make a video without recording clips? Absoutely! You can create video from photos and music, and it’s easy with awesome photo and video maker like Animotica (for Windows 10) or any other Windows Movie Maker alternative. This guide will show you how to make video slideshow using Animotica as it is simple but awesome Windows 10 software that will let you create amazing videos with pictures and music in minutes! You don’t even need any special skills or experience. Just bring your idea and you’re good to go.

Install and open Animotica

It is quite simple and straightforward. Once you have downloaded the software, follow the instructions on your system and your application will be ready to use.

Once the installation is complete, open the software and you will see a page like the one below. You have two ways here, either to start a project from scratch, or to select the “Slideshow” features, which will essentially guide you through the process.

Select the slideshow features

When you tap Slideshow on the first screen, you will be taken to a new window where you can add your images.

Select photos for your video slideshow

Click Add Photo. This will bring you to your storage area. Navigate to where you stored your images. It is best to have all of these images in the same folder. Select all required images and press next.

Rearrange the order of your images

At this point, you can rearrange the images in any order you want by simply dragging them to the desired position. Once you’re done, tap Next.

Spice up your video with a beautiful audio track

You can add music to your video by selecting funny audio tracks from Animotica library, or you can choose the music you want from your PC storage. Just click on Music.

The next window displays a list of music from the library and also the option to add a local audio file. If you want to choose a music file that you have on your local storage, what are you waiting for? Click Choose File!

Once you tap on Choose File, you will come to your local storage area, navigate to where you stored your music file, select your music and press Open. If you don’t have the music you want on your PC, you can download it for free from one of these websites. In the new window, click Next.

Add transition effects to your video slideshow

As easy as it sounds, just select one of over 50 transition effects for your video slideshow. A video transition effect is how your photos will switch between them in the order of the final video. Here are some tips on video transitions to explore.

Select the aspect ratio and duration of the video

In this step, you can select the aspect ratio of your final slideshow. Simply put, the aspect ratio is the ratio of the sides of your video. Learn more about the aspect ratio here.

Please note that some images may be cut if the original aspect ratio is different from what you set for your slideshow. Check out this blog for best practices on how to effectively adjust the aspect ratio of your images.

In the same step, you can select the total duration of your video slideshow; displayed as 00:05 = 5 seconds in the screenshot above; and the default photo duration: 00:03 = 3 seconds in our screenshot. This is when each of your photos will be displayed onscreen in the final video. You can also click 15 seconds and the duration of the video slideshow will be set automatically.

Save your work!

When you press Save, Animotica will take you to the export window where you see options for video resolution and bit rate. At this point, you’d better leave everything as is and click Save As. You can read more about saving your project here.

When you click Save As, you will be taken to a window where you can set the file name of your choice. Once you’re done, hit save, relax, and watch Animotica pull it off. After rendering your project, your video is now ready to use! If you have a YouTube channel, you can download it directly from the app.

Final Words: How to Make Video with Pictures and Music on Windows 10 PC

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