How to start Windows 11 Start menu similar to Windows 10 – Windows 11 operating system released publicly on Tuesday (5/10/2021). The latest operating system released by Microsoft comes with a new, cleaner interface.

Some users may be confused by the display introduced in Windows 11, as Microsoft has made a few changes to the operating system interface, including removing the Start menu icon.

When you first access Windows 11, users will not find the Start menu on the left Taskbar.

Microsoft has moved the Start menu button and other buttons to the center position. So it looks like Apple’s MacOS.

The appearance of the Start menu icon has also been completely changed. Microsoft has changed the concept of the menu icon to be more robust.

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The Start menu icon now contains four blue square symbols arranged symmetrically like a Rubik’s Cube.

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It may take some time for users to get used to this new look, especially with the Start menu button just starting up.

The good news is that, like the Microsoft Windows 10 interface, the Start menu icon provides a way for users who want to turn left.

Here’s how to move the Windows 11 Start menu to the side as it’s compiled Techno compass Since The edge, Thursday (7/10/2021).

How to move the Windows 11 Start menu to the left

  • Right click on the taskbar and select the “Task Settings” option.
  • Select “Taskbar Behaviors” and look for the “Taskbar Deployment” option.

The edge How to move the Windows 11 Start menu to the side of the taskbar like the Windows 10 interface.

  • The “Alignment of the taskbar” option will be the default value in the “Center” option.
  • All you have to do is move the Start menu to the left of the taskbar, click on the option and select “Left”.
The edge View the location of the Start menu in Windows 11, which is moved to the left of the taskbar.
  • Not only the Start menu, but also the above steps will create a location Taskbar Switch back to the original side, like the Windows 10 interface.

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Well, the appearance of Windows 11 will be similar to that of Windows 10 or earlier versions. Users are more flexible to choose the position of the start menu according to their tastes.

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