How to turn off Windows 10 Gamebar pop-ups and notifications

If you’ve played Xbox games on Windows 10, whether through Game Pass or otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll get notifications every time you unlock an achievement in a game. But once you start to receive them, they will keep arriving – these notifications even showed up on my Windows 10 PC while I was playing on my Xbox. Fortunately, if you’d rather not be bombarded with game success alerts (not to mention other game-related notifications), there is a way to turn them off.

Disable game notifications through the Windows 10 game bar

The fastest way to turn off game notifications on Windows 10 is to use the game bar. You can launch it by pressing Windows key + G on Windows 10.

When the game bar is open on your PC, click the button gear icon next to the time in the menu at the top. This will open the Game Bar settings in Windows 10.

Windows 10 game bar settings. (Screen capture: Pranay Parab)

In the settings window, click Notifications in the left pane to check all the game bar alert options.

Now you can get rid of alerts you don’t need. Let’s start by deactivating Notify me when I unlock achievements, which will stop showing you Xbox Success Alerts on your PC. There is another tweak labeled Hide notifications when playing a game in full screen, which you can activate if you want a distraction-free gaming experience.

Notification settings for the Windows 10 game bar. (Screen capture: Pranay Parab)

The Game Bar app keeps asking me to submit random comments, and the best way to turn off these alerts is on the same settings page as well. Deactivate Ask me for feedback on the app on this device.

Finally, under the Xbox Social Networks header, there are many notification options, such as receiving an alert when you receive new messages or party invitations. You can view them and deactivate or activate them as you wish, keeping only the notifications that you really want to receive.

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