How to Update Ubuntu Linux 2022 Tip

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Check How to Update Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system. It was developed for computers, smartphones and network servers. The system is developed by a UK-based company called Canonical Ltd. All principles used to develop Ubuntu software are based on the principles of open source software development. Ubuntu was first released in 2004. The project is run by Canonical Ltd., a UK-based company that generates revenue by selling support and services to complement Ubuntu. Canonical releases a new version of Ubuntu every six months, then provides support in the form of patches and security updates for 18 months.

The Linux kernel is the heart of the operating system. It acts as a sort of middleman, providing an interface between software applications and computer hardware. The Linux kernel is the foundation on which all the different versions of Linux run. It is open source software: anyone can decompile, examine and modify the code. As technology advances, developers discover patches and updates to the Linux kernel. These patches can improve security, add features, or even increase operating system execution speed. If you’re using a Linux operating system (like Ubuntu), it’s a good idea to check and update the kernel regularly.

Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) allow you to perform everyday tasks by interacting with windows and icons, and are useful for many tasks. However, for many tasks it is better to enter text commands directly into the computer for greater efficiency and flexibility. We usually do this through terminals. Computers were supposed to free us from manual labor, but how many times have you done a task that you thought the computer should be able to do, but ended up doing the job yourself by tediously using your mouse ? Point and click, point and click.

How to update Ubuntu using terminal?

  • Open the Terminal app
  • For the remote server use the ssh command to login (eg ssh user@server-name)
  • Get list of software updates by running sudo apt-get update command
  • Upgrade Ubuntu software by running sudo apt-get upgrade command
  • Restart the Ubuntu box if needed by running sudo reboot

Final Words: How to Update Ubuntu Linux

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