How to View Battery Percentage in macOS Big Sur 2022

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Check how to show battery percentage in macOS Big Sur

MacBooks offer excellent battery life, typically delivering a full day of moderate to heavy use on a single charge. Still, it’s important to regularly monitor your remaining charge, as intensive tasks and unoptimized apps can quickly drain your battery. However, macOS Big Sur doesn’t make it easy. If you just updated to macOS Catalina, you may have noticed that the battery percentage indicator is missing from the Mac menu bar. There’s the familiar battery icon, but that doesn’t paint an accurate picture and can often confuse you. Although the battery percentage indicator has been removed from the menu bar, macOS Big Sur allows you to see the percentage of charge remaining.

Select the battery icon to open the battery status menu and you will see the information on the first line. However, it’s not something you want to repeat all the time. You can always switch back to a percentage display in the Mac menu bar. In macOS Catalina and earlier, the Battery Status menu included a switch to show the percentage, allowing you to easily turn the feature on and off. But macOS Big Sur buried it deep in System Preferences.

Show battery percentage in menu strip and control center

  • Launch System Preferences on your Mac (or click the Apple menu icon in the upper left corner and choose System Preferences).
  • Now choose Dock and Menu Bar.
  • Scroll down to the “Other Control Center change…” section, then click Battery.
  • Then check the Show percentage box.

Hide Battery Percentage in Menu Bar and Control Center

If you ever want to hide the battery percentage on your Mac, just head to System Preferences -> Menu Bar & Menu Bar -> “Other Control Center Changes” section. Now uncheck the Show percentage box.

How to check estimated remaining battery life in macOS Big Sur

  • Click on the battery icon located in the menu bar.
  • You should now see the estimated remaining battery life in the pop-up menu that appears.

Final Words: How to View Battery Percentage in macOS Big Sur

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