HP chooses Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS Linux for its next Dev One laptop – could System76 be an acquisition target?

Rumors have been circulating lately that HP is planning to release a laptop running the Pop!_OS operating system. Today System76 CEO Carl Richell shared on Twitter that’s absolutely happening – a developer-focused 14-inch laptop called “Dev One”. While this is good news for the Linux community as a whole, it’s quite curious. After all, System76 not only maintains the Pop!_OS operating system, it also sells computers running the distro. In other words, HP and System76 are competitors in the field of hardware.

So what does this tell me? Well, that’s pure speculation, but as the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. And so, it’s safe to assume that HP’s acquisition of System76 could be a possibility in the future – if that new relationship at least materializes. HP could be testing the waters with the next Dev One. Keep in mind that System76 doesn’t even build its own laptops, so we could see the company exit the laptop business and focus solely on desktops – let HP handle Pop! _BONE.

“We’ve got you covered. Enjoy the exceptional multi-core performance of the AMD Ryzen 7 PRO processor and multitasking with ease. Compile code, run a build, and keep all your applications running with more speed thanks to to 16GB of memory. Plus, load and save files in a flash, thanks to fast 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 storage. We’ve even added a Linux Super Key so shortcuts are just a click away. Simply put, HP Dev One is designed to help you code better,” says HP.

The company adds, “Pop!_OS is at your service. Create your ideal work experience with multiple tools to help you work at peak efficiency. Use Stacking to organize and access multiple applications, browsers, and terminal windows. Move, Resize and arrange windows with ease or let Pop!_OS help you stay organized and efficient with automatic tiling. And use workspaces to reduce clutter by arranging windows across multiple desktops.”

If you are interested in HP Dev One Laptop, you can visit homepage here and sign up to receive notifications. Apparently, there will only be one configuration priced at $1,099. So far, no details about a release date have been announced other than “coming soon”.

Do you think HP might eventually acquire System76? Please tell me in the comments below. Although no one really knows the answer, I must point out something that I find quite important – when I suggested an acquisition on TwitterSystem76 CEO just liked my tweet.

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Steven L. Nielsen