HP Dev One – An Excellent Well-Designed AMD Ryzen Linux Laptop Review

Earlier this month marked the launch of the HP Dev One as an exciting collaboration between HP and System76 for a laptop optimized for Linux developers and running the Pop! _OS based on Ubuntu from System76. It is a very interesting and well-thought-out laptop for Linux use with an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U SoC and integrated Radeon graphics to satisfy the preferences of many Linux developers who prefer a completely open source driver stack. Thanks to HP’s large-scale manufacturing, this is also a competitively priced Linux laptop compared to many Linux laptops from smaller vendors based on Clevo or other boxed laptop designs. white.

The HP Dev One isn’t HP’s first entry into the Linux laptop space, but in the past it’s offered systems like the HP ZBook Studio G7 that came preloaded with Ubuntu Linux. They also didn’t just preload Ubuntu, but experimented with shipping various data science software preloaded from machine learning libraries to various development tools and more. In the last HP ZBook I tested, HP shipped over 40GB of open source software “extras” curated over their stock image.

With their Z by HP Data Science Software effort, it was mostly on an otherwise stock Ubuntu install with some cosmetic changes. Given the emphasis on data science, it’s no surprise that their previous Linux devices featured Intel processors with NVIDIA discrete graphics focused on CUDA, RAPIDS, and other NVIDIA software packages. With the HP Dev One, they’ve taken a rather surprising turn by partnering with System76 and leveraging Pop! _OS for a developer/enthusiast oriented Linux laptop. They also target developers as a whole and hence no large collection of organized software packages either… Which is fine with me at least considering most of the packages are only accessible with a single command through the install from APT/Debian packages or Flatpaks with Flathub.

The HP Dev One priced at $1099 for this all-AMD Linux laptop also hits a good price point for a wider range of developers rather than trying to target only top-tier Linux developers at a high price, beating on pricing thanks to HP’s scale compared to white box laptops traditionally offered by smaller Linux-focused vendors, and not going too cheap on components that make it a woefully underpowered development machine.

At $1099, the HP Dev One is powered by an 8-core/16-thread AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U processor with Radeon Vega graphics, 16GB of DDR4-3200 memory, 1TB NVMe M.2 2280 SSD and 1080p 14 -inch 1000 nit display. The specs are great, and the Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U SoC is a great choice for this mid-range to high-end laptop aimed at developers. The only unfortunate area is having 16GB of RAM as the only option, but it is user upgradeable up to a maximum of 64GB of system RAM. Having 32GB would be a sweet spot, but for now at least HP has only allocated one SKU with the 16GB of RAM and is relying on users to upgrade the memory themselves if desired. .

Although this is only one laptop SKU, when purchasing the HP Dev One, it offers accessories such as the HP 935 Creator Wireless Mouse and the System76 Launch Configurable Keyboard. The System76 Keyboard and HP Mouse were included in our HP Dev One Review Kit, courtesy of System76 and HP.

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Steven L. Nielsen