Is Genshin Impact free?

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in the world. Moreover, it is the first RPG to popularize the Gacha system outside the Asia Region.

Released by the miHoYo company in September 2020, the game is running full steam ahead, with a roster of 46 unique characters, several hours of world exploration, and periodic events.

Available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4-5, Mobile for Android and iOS.

How to play Genshin Impact on Mac OS?

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact is unofficial for Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. However, players can play the game on their Mac.

One method is to use a Windows partition; less dangerous options use programs capable of emulating Android, such as Bluestacks.

Is Genshin Impact free?

New players can download and play Genshin Impact for free. Even though there are microtransactions, this is an amicable F2P game, with people clearing endgame content without spending in-game.

Nevertheless, Genshin Impact has a microtransactions system, mainly focused on obtaining new characters. (Gacha System), game progress constantly depends on Grinding. However, people can speed up investing money in materials or weapons.

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Is Genshin Impact PayToWin?

Genshin Impact is exclusively a player versus environment. In other words, there are no competitive game modes. Instead, players can complete missions and challenges at their own pace. As a result, Genshin Impact is a very relaxing game.

Off the game, there are speedrun competitions, where whales can flex their arms setting records, mostly in the Spiral Abyss.

Anti-cheat in Genshin Impact?

There is no known cheating in Genshin Impact. From time to time, players may exploit specific bugs. However, there are no significant consequences, as they do not affect others’ gaming experience.

Outside of the game environment, competitive circuits have their way of regulating the community, an easy task given that sprint races and world records are based on video evidence.

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