Jess Hilarious Gets Dragged Out For Reenacting Megan Thee Stallion Set

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Jess Hilarious has been on a downward spiral for about a year, finding itself at the bottom of every negative controversy imaginable. First, it was the Now, she makes matters even worse by posting a video of a ‘reenactment’ of Tory Lanez Shooting Megan Thee Stallion. It’s… uh… not funny from a distance.

Ironically, it was Jess who denounced the culture of cancellation a few months ago via her instagram. In a video posted on June 6, she took to social media about the rapid push by people to cancel celebrities over rumors and accusations.

“I see Tee Grizzly and Queen Naija together have a song they created for Black Lives Matter,” Jess said angrily. “But when you look in the comments all you see are comments about ‘Isn’t she a colorist’ and negativity like that, but who cares? I thought the goal was to support the movement ?!

Jess goes on to say, “You’re gonna talk about we want Lauryn Hill, we’ll wait until next year my n * gga like you have to take what we give you.” You won’t have a f * cking platform, but you’re trying to undo everyone with one! “

Now, with her weak attempt to reenact the Megan and Tory Lanez shoot, she has even more reason to be canceled. Check out the full version ABOVE. She even writes a warning saying too much, “I do not tolerate violence in any way, form or form. This is strictly for entertainment purposes. “ We don’t see anything entertaining about it, sister. The internet is also pulling her out of her for this trash video. Hit the flips to see Twitter go off.

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