JetBrains Presents 2022 Annual Highlights – Its Community Reaches 12.8 Million Developers Worldwide

PRAGUE, February 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, JetBrains, the company that created an extensive family of integrated development environments (IDEs) for various programming languages ​​and team collaboration tools, released its 2022 annual report. JetBrains launched significant new products over the past year, including DataSpell, Qodana, Compose Multiplatform and a closed preview of Fleet, opened a new office in Shanghaiand has grown its community to over 12.8 million developers worldwide.

Founded on a single product, JetBrains’ portfolio now includes 34 tools and over 7,000 marketplace plugins. In this annual report, the main highlights include:

  • DataSpell, the new IDE from JetBrains for data scientists
  • Qodana, its new code quality platform
  • Compose Multiplatform, an extension to the Jetpack Compose UI framework allowing developers to build Android, desktop, and web apps from a single codebase
  • Fleet, its next-generation IDE, is ready to use without extensive configuration while being lightweight and flexible.

JetBrains also launched remote development solutions for IntelliJ-based IDEs, launched the cloud version of TeamCity, and updated most of its existing products with impactful new features.

92 of the Fortune Global Top 100 companies use Jetbrains products. Every day, 269 new organizations and 3,271 individuals become JetBrains customers — the numbers have increased by 53% and 14% as a result compared to the previous year. JetBrains also grew overall revenue by 25% in 2021, with resurgent growth in the Americas, Europethe Middle Eastand Africa. the Asia Pacific The region continues to lead the way with revenue growth of 29%.

In 2021, 5.3 million developers used Kotlin, a modern programming language designed by JetBrains and adopted by Google as the preferred language for Android development. Over 70% of JetBrains developers write in Kotlin, and now over 200 top universities offer Kotlin courses. JetBrains Mono font released in December 2020 has now been officially added to Google Workspace editors.

Over the past year, 44,000 organizations have joined Space, JetBrains’ unified platform spanning the entire software development pipeline, from hosting Git repositories, to automating CI/CDs, to from publishing packages and orchestrating cloud development environments, to managing issues, documents, and discussions in one place. . In 2021, Space users sent 6.5 million chat messages, solved 330,000 issues, made 95,000 code reviews, and more.

Rider tops the list of JetBrains fastest growing products in terms of paid users in 2021 – it has a 40% increase in users over the previous year. This is followed by DataGrip with a 38% increase, GoLand with 26%, followed by PyCharm and CLion with 23%.

JetBrains has always been proud to support students, teachers, research professionals, and seasoned developers looking to further their knowledge and skills. In 2021, over 1.5 million students and 87,000 teachers received a free JetBrains education pack, 761,000 students received a special 25% discount for JetBrains license renewal after graduation, and approximately 2,000 schools and universities received more than 154,000 educational subscriptions for classroom assistance. JetBrains has added ten new tracks to its Academy and updated its educational products. Additionally, the company became a member of ESOMAR, a non-profit organization for market, social and opinion researchers founded in 1947.

JetBrains also supports the open source community: in 2021, more than 6,000 open source projects received around 11,000 add-on licenses for non-commercial open source development. Over 1,000 contributors to The Apache Software Foundation and 75 core Drupal contributors have received free licenses for their work on open source projects as part of their unique partnership with JetBrains. The company also announced the creation of The PHP Foundation, helped the Django Software Foundation and the Python Software Foundation with their fundraising, joined Open Web Docs as a member of its steering committee and launched the OSS initiative Power-Ups to highlight selected open-source .NET projects.

To support its growing portfolio of tools and services, the company continues to expand its existing product teams and increase the resources available for new products in their early stages of development. In 2021, JetBrains opened its first office in China to better connect with its customers in Asia. JetBrains accepted 256 interns, 73 of whom became its employees. The team consists of 1,900 employees in 10 offices across the United States, Europerecently added Asiaand remote locations.

You can read the full report here.

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JetBrains creates intelligent software development tools used by more than 12.8 million professionals worldwide, including 92 of the Fortune Global 100 companies. JetBrains has created 34 products for most available programming languages ​​and technologies and team tools, including IntelliJ IDEA and Space, an all-in-one team collaboration environment. It is the company behind Kotlin, a modern programming language adopted by Google as the preferred language for Android development. JetBrains is headquartered in prague. For more information, visit

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