Kathorus African Women and Youth League donates clothes to KZN

Kathorus African Women and Youth League (AWYL) continues its motto “we lift as we lift” by donating to flood-affected families in KwaZulu-Natal.

At least six members of Kathorus AWYL gathered on May 31, Moseu Street, Tsholo Section, Katlehong to properly pack donations in boxes.

Other members of the organization had to report for work as it was during the week, however, their donations were received.

Stina Mndawéni.

They donated canned goods, cooking oil, clothing and shoes collected by their members.

The NPO is calling on Africans to revive the spirit of Ubuntu and support KZN as climate change can affect everyone, whether in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape or anywhere else. They pointed out that Ubuntu is how Africans prevailed against thick and thin back then.

Kathorus AWYL President Lindelwa Mbingeleli said their organization is an NPO whose aim is to uplift communities.

Lindelwa Mbingeleli and Maria Moahloli along with other members packed the donations in boxes.

She said they usually help schools. Before schools had feeding programs, especially in secondary schools, they provided bread to learners, she explained.

“Right now we are helping students with sanitary pads at local schools around Kathorus,” she continued.

“When news of the floods surfaced, we felt compelled to help according to our motto and our principles. That’s why we collect clothes.

“Otherwise we usually collect it for nursing homes and hospices, but now we have agreed to give priority to people in KZN,” Mbingeleli said.

She said there are KZN donation drop off points across Gauteng, however, they will transport the donation through the SA post office.

Khanyisile Kuluse.

“We would like to thank our members because they are people who come with donations from home – they always take the initiative,” she added.

“Everything comes from our members. We do not operate from a resource support structure, we contribute from our own pockets. Our wish is that these clothes reach the people for whom they are intended.

Vice President Smangele Bokaba said the donations would be a blessing to those in need.

Smangele Bokaba.

“You must reach out to positively touch and help transform the lives of others. For us, this is how we reach people. I am happy that we were able to do something that will have an impact on change,” Bokaba said.

Kathorus AWYL National Vice President Joyce Mphuthi said she would also encourage other branches to donate.

Joyce Mphuthi.

She said they have branches in Kathorus, Soweto, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and parts of KZN. Ultimately, it should be a national effort, she added.

“The motto of this organization is ‘lift as you lift’ and part of lifting is what we do at KZN. When they are depressed, we come with any gift to cheer them up.

“Because if we don’t empathize and be sympathetic and compassionate to others when they encounter difficulties, it becomes a problem. Initially, as a black nation, we had empathy, so we try to maintain this for future generation to adopt and practice,” Mphuthi said.

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Steven L. Nielsen